5 Business Communications Predictions for 2015

shutterstock_155562446As 2014 draws to a close, we thought it might be fun to offer a few predictions about what will happen in the arena of business communications over the next year. When 2016 rolls around, we’ll revisit them to see how close we came.

1 – Mobility Becomes Ubiquitous

The twin trends of remote work and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), are compelling communications professionals to make mobility a central part of their strategy. Modern workers will increasingly demand all of the features and conveniences of their business phone system on the device of their choice.

2 – Security is Better Understood and Protected

Recent security vulnerabilities, such as Shellshock and Heartbleed have brought to light the need for hardware manufacturers, software developers, and businesses to come together to eliminate weak points that might allow bad actors unauthorized entry into communications systems.

3 – SIP Momentum Continues

We don’t have to go far out on a limb to make this prediction as research firm, Infonetics, has already revealed that 58 percent of U.S. businesses will adopt SIP trunks in 2015. Businesses continue to be attracted by the lower cost and greater flexibility offered by SIP.

4 – Video Has a Breakthrough

People have been talking about video for business for years and years, but it has remained in the nice-to-have category. We think that the more mobile, remote, and global workforce is going to shift the balance this year and put video squarely in the business-essentials bucket.

5 – Voice and Application Integration Gains Traction

We predict that more IP PBX and hosted PBX solutions will offer integration with business applications. Some integration has been available for a while, but the shift of almost all business applications to the cloud will make integration more feasible and more consistently expected.

We’ll check back this time next year and see if we hit the target or were off the mark. Meanwhile, we wish all the best to you and your team.

Let’s make sure 2015 is an extraordinary year!