SIP.US Pricing

SIP Pricing Overview: In order to determine the cost of SIP Trunking for your company, it is important to understand a couple of SIP concepts.

  • SIP Trunks – A SIP trunk is simply the connection between your PBX and the Public Switched Telephone Network.  Think of it as the container for your SIP channels.  While the SIP trunk is necessary, without SIP channels, you cannot make or receive telephone calls on your SIP trunk.  A SIP trunk from SIP.US can contain any number of channels, and you can also map any number of DID Telephone numbers to the SIP Trunk.  SIP.US does not charge you a monthly fee or a setup fee for your SIP trunk.  You can add additional SIP Trunks at any time (common if you have more than one location, a second PBX device, want to segment call detail records, etc.)
  • SIP Channels – You can think of SIP channels as the equivalent to old fashioned telephone lines.  You need one SIP channel for every concurrent incoming or outgoing call. (This article will help you determine how many SIP channels your business is likely to need. It is often equivalent to the number of analog lines or T1/PRI channels you are currently using.)  Your monthly price for SIP Trunking will depend on the number of channels you require plus the additional services you select, such as telephone numbers (DIDs).  Each SIP channel from SIP.US includes unlimited outbound calling to the US48 states and Canada AND unlimited inbound calling to your local numbers.  There are no long distance or per-minute fees for inbound local or outbound US48 and Canada calls.

SIP Channels

Service Price Set up Fee
SIP Channels $24.95 per channel/month * $0
International Rates See Per Minute Rates $0

*Includes local and long distance calls to the US48 states and Canada (excluding NWT) at no additional charge. Excludes any local, state or federal taxes and/or fees.

Optional Services

Service Monthly Price Per Number One Time Set Up Fees
US48 Local DID (Direct Inward Dial $1.00 $1/per number
Toll Free DID $2.95 + $0.02/minute $3/per number
International DID Starts at $5.00 (2ch max) $0
Nomadic e911 Enhanced DID $2.50 $2/per number
Port Fee $0 $10 per number**

** Volume discounts available for ports of more than 10 numbers.


ACME Insurance is a six person firm that has elected to move to SIP.US from traditional analog lines they have with AT&T.   Although there are six people in the office, it is unusual for more than 3 of them to be on the phone at any one time.  To be safe, ACME has decided they would like 4 SIP channels.   They have one main published number and two people, the licensed Agents, need a DID number.  Only the main number will be ported from the current carrier and will need to be an Enhanced DID with e911 support.  Toll free numbers or international DID’s are unnecessary.  Pricing for ACME Insurance would look like:

Service Qty. Monthly Subtotal One-time Setup
SIP Channels   4 $99.80 $0.00
DID  2 $2.00 $2.00
Port Fee  1 $0 $10.00
Nomadic e911 Enhanced DID  1 $2.50 $2.00
Total $104.30* $14.00*

*Includes local and long distance calls to the US48 states and Canada (excluding NWT) at no additional charge. Excludes any local, state or federal taxes and/or fees.

No Commitment – No Contracts

SIP.US does not lock customers into long-term agreements. You can increase or decrease the number of channels or cancel all together at any time using our Control Panel.  Cancellation will be effective at the end of your billing cycle.  There are no partial-month refunds for unlimited SIP trunks or DID numbers.  For more information about SIP trunking and doing business with SIP.US check out our FAQs.

If you are unsure of how many SIP channels you will need or have any other questions about pricing for SIP.US services, please reach out by emailing or give us a ring at 800-566-9810.