Easy to Deploy and Maintain SIP for AltiGen®

SIP.US works with many IP-PBX systems that provide call management and additional features.  AltiGen is one such solution.  Using SIP for AltiGen is a proven way to minimize communications cost while still getting advanced unified communications features and simple administration.

About AltiGen

AltigenAltiGen Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of 100% Microsoft-based Unified Communications solutions.  The company’s flagship product, MaxCommunications Server, is a software-based solution designed with an open architecture, and built on industry standard Intel™ based servers, SIP compliant phones, and Microsoft-based application infrastructure. AltiGen’s approach enables companies to leverage their investments in IT infrastructure standards, for increased flexibility and a low total cost of ownership.

Implementing AltiGen

AltiGen products are available exclusively through AltiGen Certified Partners.  Customers can deploy the all-in-one software solution on industry standard, Intel based physical or virtual servers.  Your partner will help you install and configure your AltiGen solution to meet the unique needs of your business.

Why Choose SIP.US for AltiGen?

Customers choose SIP for AltiGen as a means to greatly reduce telecom costs while providing valuable features to the business.  With AltiGen’s advanced business-class PBX and contact center solution and low-cost, reliable SIP trunking from SIP.US, customers are able to get the features they need at a price they can afford.

  • Advanced Capabilities – The AltiGen PBX includes advanced features including, auto attendant, IVR (integrated voice response), voicemail, conferencing, and mobility.
  • Low Cost of Operation – Expensive PRI lines are not needed with SIP for AltiGen.  Eliminating this expense helps companies reduce communications costs by up to 60%. International calling is also available at significantly discounted rates.
  • Predicable Monthly Bill  –  Unlimited channels from SIP.US include local and long distance calling to the lower 48 United States and most of Canada.  Rather than paying fluctuating usage-based long distance bills, SIP.US clients have a low, predictable monthly bill.
  • Pay for Exactly What  You Need  – AltiGen IP PBX systems have been designed to easily scale in both size and capability. Because the features are delivered as software you are able to deploy just those features and applications your business needs.  Likewise, SIP channels from SIP.US can be purchased one at a time,, giving you the flexibility to get only what you need now and add on whenever you like.

 Customer Feedback

Here is what our customers have to say about working with SIP.US:

“Switching to SIP.US was simple.  Our service is smoother and more reliable — and our costs have gone down” – Miles Fawcett, Urban Alarm

“Several providers I contacted insisted that I get my Internet bandwidth from them.  With SIP.US, I was able to use my Verizon FIOS data connectivity that I already had in place, saving me both time and money.” –  Jeffrey Kreshtool

How To Configure SIP for AltiGen

SIP.US provides a detailed configuration guide for setting up SIP.US for AltiGen.  We are also available to work with your AltiGen partner during implementation.  If you’d like assistance, just visit our support site and open a new ticket.

SIP for AltiGen Frequently Asked Questions

What are the internet requirements to use SIP.US with AltiGen?

You can select whatever high-speed internet connection you prefer.  Unlike some SIP trunking providers, SIP.US does not require or clients to purchase bandwidth from us. This means our clients are free to choose the T1-data, cable, DSL or Metro Ethernet service that gives them the best reliability and value.

What DIDs are available?

We have access to over 6,000 rate centers in the United States, giving us one of the largest DID footprints of any SIP trunking provider.   With SIP.US you will likely find hundreds of numbers in each area code across the United States in our inventory.

What Does Unlimited SIP Trunk Mean?
Our unlimited SIP trunks are designed to handle many simultaneous calls. Since we don’t have a 1-to-1 relationship of calls to trunks, there’s no need to purchase more than one unlimited SIP trunk for a single location or single PBX. You just order a single unlimited SIP trunk and then select how many channels (simultaneous phone calls) you want to run over that particular trunk. If you have another location or PBX that requires a trunk, you simply order an additional trunk for that location or that different PBX.

SIP.US for AltiGen is a great way to keep telecommunications as low as possible while delivering enterprise unified communications features.  We invite you to experience how easy it is to get started with SIP.US by beginning a free trial today.