Unified Communications with SIP for Switchvox®

SIP.US is designed to be compatible with many PBX solutions and Switchvox is no exception.  SIP for Switchvox reduces communications costs and administrative effort, yet still provides the sophisticated unified communications features that businesses desire.

About Switchvox

SIP for SwitchvoxSwitchvox, by Digium is a full unified communications system that embraces VoIP. Switchvox is built on Asterisk and is Digium’s solution for small and medium sized businesses.  Each system incorporates many key features to enable business communications.  When implemented with SIP for Switchvox, customers can save 40% – 60% on monthly communications cost and reduce the effort necessary to maintain and administer the phone system.

Implementing Switchvox

Each Switchvox business phone system comes with all features included. Clients choose the appliance that is the right size for their business.  The solution is easy to configure and administer with an intuitive, web-based interface that allows clients to manage the solution from anywhere.  Employees can control their own Find-me/Follow-me rules, voicemail boxes and conference rooms.  Many of Switchvox’s features can be accessed from any device.

Why Choose SIP.US for Switchvox?

When deployed together, Switchvox provides the call management and unified communications features, while SIP.US provides connectivity, via the internet to the telephone network.  The need for expensive PRI lines from the telphone company is eliminated.  Here are just a few of the reasons customers benefit from SIP for Switchox:

  • Big Savings –  You will save money on your monthly communications costs in two ways.  First, the traditional lines provided by the telephone carrier can be eliminated.  SIP channels are much less expensive and can be purchased in increments of only one, so you get exactly the number of channels you need.  Also, SIP.US includes local and long-distance calling to the lower 48 US states and parts of Canada, so long distance charges are also eliminated or reduced.
  • Easy to Setup and Maintain – Switchvox is sold as an appliance that is easy to install, configure and maintain.  Both Switchvox and SIP.US provide user friendly online management tools so that you can easily make changes to your system when needed.
  • Future Proof – With SIP.US and Switchvox, you don’t need to guess about your future communications needs.  As your business grows, with Switchvox Anywhere, you can seamlessly move to a larger system with minimal associated costs and network changes.  Additional channels or trunks from SIP.US can be provisioned almost immediately whenever you need them.

Customer Feedback

Here is what our customers have to say about working with SIP.US:

“We were able to get our systems up and running with SIP.US in a matter of minutes using the simple online interface.” – Matt Harrison, Elevate Audio Visual

“It’s easy to be low cost, but it’s a lot harder to be low cost AND good! In my opinion, SIP.US should be on anyone’s short list of primary providers.” –  Michael Dodds, Doddstech

How To Configure SIP for Switchvox

SIP.US makes configuration easy.  We have created a detailed configuration guide and it’s available in our knowledge base.  We are also happy to work with you directly.  If you’d like help, just visit our support site and open a new ticket.

SIP for Switchvox Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Internet connection do I need to use SIP.US with Switchvox?

You can choose the high-speed internet connection that works the best and provides the best value for your business.  T1, cable, DSL and Metro Ethernet are all supported.  Unlike some SIP vendors, we do not require that you purchase your broadband access from us, so you are free to select the best solution for your situation.

How long does it take to set up?

We provision all SIP.US services almost immediately.  We do need to confirm your email address to start your free trial.  (No credit card is required for a free trial.)  We may also need to verify method of payment for paid services, but that usually happens within 1 hour during normal business hours.

What types of calls are included?

Our unlimited SIP trunks cover outbound SIP calls to the 48 contiguous US states and Canada (excluding the Northwest Territories of Canada). Inbound local DIDs for the 48 contiguous US states are also included.  We also offer attractive rates for international calling.

We hope you’ll start your free trial today and begin enjoying the cost saving and improved staff productivity with SIP for Switchvox.