What SIP Trunking Means for Your Business

sip trunkingMany business leaders use the turn of the year as a time to review past successes and set priorities for the year to come. If updating and upgrading your communication infrastructure is in your plans for 2015, the option of SIP trunking should not be overlooked. Here are a few of the advantages that businesses who have deployed SIP technology enjoy.

1 – Lower communications costs

Cost savings with SIP comes from eliminating expensive PRI (Primary Rate Interface) lines and long distance contracts. Some businesses experience communications costs that are reduced by more than 60%.

2 – Predictable monthly bill

If you choose an unlimited SIP trunk that includes local and nationwide long-distance, you take much of the guess work out of your monthly expenses. The only variable cost becomes international long distance.

3 – Greater flexibility

Unlike PRI lines which are sold in blocks of 23, businesses can subscribe to (and pay for) only the exact number of SIP trunks that they need now and can grow at any time, on-demand.

4 – Operational improvements

The best SIP trunking solutions provide call data records that help managers understand the inbound and outbound calling patterns of the business. This can help inform scheduling and augment performance management.

5 – Immediate ROI

Because the initial investment necessary for SIP is very low, businesses are able to realize of the cost savings offered by SIP almost immediately.

6 – Choice of PBX Technology

SIP works with any IP enabled PBX solution, including the many free, open source options such as Astrisk and FreePBX. Even businesses with legacy PBX systems, or key systems, can leverage SIP by simply adding an inexpensive analog telephone adapter (ATA) device.

7 – Remote Control

Most SIP trunking solutions come with a control panel that can be accessed via the web from anywhere. This makes it easy to add, change or discontinue service; review and export real-time call data records, and modify your billing preferences from anywhere.

Many of our customers tell us that they chose SIP trunking primarily to save money. They often tell us that they are surprised and delighted by the unexpected, additional business benefits. When taken together, the whole SIP package is pretty hard to beat.