10 Reasons to Choose SIP Trunking

Why-PicIf you are thinking about making a change to your business communications environment, it is probably for one of three reasons: to increase revenue (directly or indirectly), to lower costs, or to improve customer satisfaction. If you are considering SIP trunking, congratulations! You’re investigating a technology that gets you all of the above. Here are ten reasons to go for it.

Almost all calls are local calls – SIP trucking eliminates the need for traditional PRI lines and per minute long distance calling plans. If you go with SIP.US, you get unlimited calls to the lower 48 US states and most of Canada. International calls are also more affordable.

Pay for only what you need – Because SIP is scalable on-demand, you can license, and pay for, only the number of channels you need right now and add more as you grow.

Predictable monthly costs – By eliminating most per-minute fees, you will know exactly what you are going to pay for SIP trunking every month in advance. Forget about the hassle and time wasted reconciling carrier invoices.

Little up front investment – One of the benefits of using a SIP trunk is that there is very little initial expense required. Your cost reduction starts almost immediately, resulting in a quick return on your small investment.

No telco experts required – You don’t need to be a communications expert to use or deploy SIP trunking. A simple control panel lets you handle moves, adds, and changes like a pro.

Ditch the 800 number – Local numbers can be provided in each city, which are terminated locally when delivered over the internet. Your customers feel like they are dealing with a local company and you can eliminate this unnecessary expense.

Easily support remote workers – Bringing together mobile devices and remote workers can help improve the productivity of your feet on the street, particularly sales representatives.

Enable unified communications features – SIP trunking is the easy way to enable IP-based unified communications systems that include collaboration features such as instant messaging, presence, screen sharing and even video. Some open source IP PBX technology is even available at no cost.

Connect every location – SIP trunking makes it easy to seamlessly connect every office so that your customer gets the same great experience no matter which number they call.

Rest easy – The last thing you want to worry about is a customer getting a  busy signal or an endlessly ringing phone. With SIP, if something happens to the connection at one office (say, a power outage) calls can automatically be routed to other locations, mobile devices or home landlines based on your recovery rules.

We can’t say that SIP trunking is right for every business, but for many the benefits are substantial. It has the potential to slash costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enable growth, all while making management and administration of your communications system easier than ever before. What’s not to love?

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