4 Business Phone System Greeting Mistakes to Avoid

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This blog’s all about the SIP technology that powers more and more business phone systems, But today we thought’s we’d talk about what you do with that technology once you have it. How you set up your phone system is as important as how you connect it to the PSTN.

Automated phone greetings are a fact of life for most businesses. Your callers probably don’t mind this in principle. They’re used to it and it can be an efficient way to get what they need. In practice, however, many companies make a terrible mess of the caller’s experience. Here are a few mistakes you can easily avoid.

Lengthy Greetings

The first thing you want to do is let people know that they’ve called the right place by stating the name of your business. It’s also fine to include a short tagline or description of what you do, as in “Thank you for calling Capital Partners Group, your commercial real estate experts.” This is not, however, the time for your complete elevator pitch. No one wants to hear, “Thank you for calling Capital Partner Group, founded in 1987 to serve the needs of commercial real estate tenants in the greater tri-counties area with the most highly trained experts on the planet” every – single – time they call your business.

Too Many Menus with Too Many Options

It’s not terrible to hear an automated attendant when you call a business. It is terrible when there are 10 confusing choices. It’s even worse than terrible when you get an endless chain of menus and no obvious way to connect to a human. Your menus should be used only to connect the caller with the person they most likely need to reach. Three or four choices (1 for Sales, 2 for Service …) should do it.

Forgetting Night Mode

It is important to let your callers know when your office is closed. This makes it easy for them to quickly decide if they should call back or leave a message.  Your afterhours or holiday messages should indicate when you will next be available to take a call.

Employee Recorded Messages

It is very tempting to have an employee record your greeting and certainly many businesses do it. But because the voice on your greeting is often the first interaction someone has with your brand, it makes sense to use a professional. Services are available for as little as $50.

Your phone greetings are an important element of your brand. No matter which technology you use for your phone system, getting this right is simple, but it’s important.


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