5 Ways Automobile Dealers Can Profit From Business SIP Trunking Services

Business SIP trunking is the perfect solution for automobile dealers that want to deliver outstanding customer service will keeping costs low.

What is SIP trunking? SIP, or session initiation protocol, is a technology that enables you to take voice calls, also known as VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, as well as fax and instant messages via WiFi.

Successful dealerships and other businesses everywhere are noticing the advantages and switching. 

It’s understandable, though, that you’d have a few reservations. That’s alright.

Keep reading to learn five undeniable reasons your auto dealership should switch to a business SIP trunk communications system today.

1. Business SIP Trunking Won’t Let You Down

Furious businesses and citizens in California demanded answers in late 2019 after local utility PG&E abruptly announced that they would be shutting hundreds of thousands of customers’ power off in an effort to prevent fires.

Obviously, fire prevention is important—but with virtually no warning, nobody could have predicted this unconventional move, and many businesses lost profits because of it. This story should be a lesson to all business owners: You must prepare for the unexpected.

With a SIP trunk channel, your callers won’t get a busy signal, meaning you won’t lose business. Because all your communications are delivered through the cloud, you can reroute calls, text, and fax messages to your cellphone or another device you have on hand.

If you don’t go that route, your messages will be safely stored until you’re able to return them. On the other hand, with a landline connection, your voicemail would fail on you, too, in the event of a power outage or other service interruption, and your fax wouldn’t fare any better.

2. Save Time With Less Tech Support

How many times have you and your staff members tried to make a call, send a message, or set up audio conferencing, only to have technical difficulties and reschedule while you wait for maintenance?

As you know all too well, car salespeople are liable to spend almost the entire day on the phone or using other communications systems, and finance and service departments have just as much activity. 

For these reasons, uninterrupted communication is vital to a car dealership’s success.

SIP trunk systems are easier for you to navigate than multiple communication systems that can be confusing. SIP channels gather all of your communication avenues into one, reducing problems and your need for IT. 

With fewer tech holdups, you and your staff can get back to the business that matters.

3. Link Your Chain

It’s common in the automotive industry to have or expand to a chain of dealerships. When using a traditional communications system, each of your businesses has a unique phone line and number.

Paying for additional connections is a significant expense when expanding. Because SIP channels are location-independent, it’s not only easy and inexpensive to move your business, but it’s just as simple and cheap to open new branches.

When using SIP trunking, you don’t need to pay for any new phone lines…because there aren’t any phone lines, to begin with!

4. Pay Less for More

SIP trunk channels are really good for your bank account.

Why? Simply put, when SIP trunking, you pay less for a greater value.

Basic landline contracts typically offer little more than local phone and voicemail services. If you want anything else, like an online messaging system or long-distance calling, you’ll be paying extra for a bundle, and that’s before the expensive setup charges.

As a business owner, that added expense could be a big risk.

You can predict all you want, but it’s impossible to know exactly how much money you’ll make—Any quarter could end up less profitable than you expect it to, so it’s important to save all you can.

Business SIP trunks roll everything into one: Once your dealership is set up with SIP software, you’ll have faxing, online text and voice messaging all at your fingertips. You won’t need all the complicated equipment you used with your old systems, and you won’t have to pay to maintain it.

Cut the Cord Today

Are you over your dealership’s current communications providers and ready to get set up with business SIP trunking? Are you wondering which SIP service providers are worth talking to?

There couldn’t be a better place to start than the leader in SIP trunking.

So many SIP system features are available to you: Everything you can get with your current phone provider—but more reliable, faster, cheaper and simpler—and beyond.

Running your communications through the cloud will increase profits and keep you from losing revenue. Plus, all your competitors are switching, so it’s time for your business to modernize, too.

Upgrade to SIP technology today and you’ll be blown away by the possibilities—and by how much more money you’ll have in the bank!

Free SIP Trunk in 60 Seconds

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