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Perhaps the biggest reason that local governments and agencies are quickly moving to SIP trunking is the undeniable cost savings. Cost is always a driving factor for local municipalities, so that’s what brings SIP to the table, but there are many other reasons to consider making the move away from traditional PRI lines and modernizing with SIP. Here are some of the features that will help make the decision even easier.

Self Service

Adding or moving lines with traditional copper lines practically requires an act of congress. It’s expensive, time-wasting, and slow. With SIP trunking, on the other hand, you’ll find a provider that offers an easy-to-use control panel that lets anyone easily make changes to your configuration without any specialized telecom knowledge.

Multiple Location Management

SIP trunking unchains the physical location of the phone from the phone number, making it possible for governments and agencies to have phone numbers that act as a unified system even if they are in different offices or even the homes of remote workers. The public can reach the person or division they need without a lot of hassle.

Call Data Records

Call Data Records (CDRs) help users understand their communication needs and provide insight into workers’ activities. The best solutions make CDRs available in near real-time and make it easy to review call history for up to a year in the past. This is an excellent tool for determining staffing needs and ensuring that you are only paying for the number of lines (SIP channels) that you need.


Because SIP is the industry-standard protocol for voice, it is supported by most modern VoIP equipment and software, including IB PBX systems, desk phones, and VoIP gateways. You can choose the hardware and software combination that is right for your office or agency. This means that you don’t have to invest in new hardware to benefit from SIP trunking. If you do think it’s time for a new PBX, you can use one of the many open-source options available.


A service called “nomadic 911” or “e911” gives users the peace of mind that their calls to 911 will be automatically routed to the local emergency center associated with their physical address.

Caller ID and Voice Mail

SIP trunking customers enjoy inbound Caller ID as well as customizable outbound Caller ID that lets you program the individual, office, or agency name. Advanced voicemail features that are included in many PBX systems, such as voicemail to email, are supported by SIP trunking.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of an emergency, power outage, or weather event that prevents staff from getting into the office, SIP trunks can be rerouted to other locations so that the public can reach your team and inter-office communications aren’t disrupted during a critical time.

International Toll Fraud Prevention

International toll fraud is a problem for all types of businesses; government agencies are no exception. Toll fraud can occur when bad actors gain access to your PBX system. You can avoid this by selecting a SIP trunking partner that offers automated toll fraud protection. Automated toll fraud systems recognize suspicious calling patterns and temporarily suspend international calling to reduce the impact of fraudulent attacks.


With SIP trunking, you can add new channels (a channel is equivalent to a phone line) on-demand and easily cancel any that are no longer needed. This makes it possible to ramp up for particularly busy times of the year without any long-term commitment or strain on the budget.

Local governments and agencies that choose SIP trunking don’t have to make a compromise between cost and community service. SIP is designed to support modern communications and offer all of the features you need to be productive and fiscally responsible.

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