Benefits to Add SIP Trunking to Your Telephone System

You’ve likely heard of SIP trunking and you might be wondering why you would want to invest in this service for your telephone system. The reality is that if your organization wants to save some money on your phone bill, choosing the best SIP trunk provider available for SIP trunking can help with that need. The initial investment is low and the benefits are many, as we’ll talk about below.

Increased Local Calls

When you make a phone call, you’re going to get one rate for your local calls and another for any that are long-distance. However, when you choose SIP trunking, many to all of your phone calls will now we local calls. It doesn’t matter who you call where, whether they’re down the block or halfway across the world. You can also mask your phone numbers with a local area code, which can help build a local presence where it is needed most.

Unified Communications Option

Because SIP trunking removes the need for having data and voice connections that are separate, it also gives your business the opportunity to create an IP-based unified communications system. That means that your data, voice, instant messaging, and other cloud-based applications can be brought together. All real-time and non-real-time communication can be handled on a single platform for convenience and ease of use.

Massive Scalability

When you choose the best SIP trunk provider for your business, you also get the ultimate scalability. Trunking requires an Internet connection, which also means adding services or lines is simple, as is modifying those same things. With SIP, you only have to pay for lines you need, unlike POTS and PRI lines, so you don’t have to keep yourself in extra lines to prepare for things in the future. If you need an extra line, you can get it and then drop it when it’s no longer needed.

Higher Level of Productivity

Employees who are based in completely different locations can contact each other with SIP trunking in a way that is hard using other options. That means if you have multiple offices, remote employees, and remote contractors, everyone can communicate through a streamlined system. This is a great way to ensure projects get done on time and miscommunication isn’t an issue.

If you’re ready to see how SIP trunking can help your business, SIP.US is here to help. You can learn more or try a free trial by visiting

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