[Infographic] R.I.P. Analog Telephone

It was a life well lived …

The year was 1974. A gallon of gas cost 55 cents. You could use that gas to fill up your new car that probably set you back around $3,700. President Nixon resigned. The Godfather II was in a theater near you and ABBA topped the charts. And quietly, unnoticed by almost everyone, VoIP started the process of killing the analog telephone. That’s right, the first transmission of voice over IP lines happened way back in 1974.

This awesome infographic from the business software review site, Software Advice, catalogs the life and death of the analog telephone. Starting back in 1840 with the telegraph. There were many important milestones along the way in the shift from analog to digital and they’ve managed to capture them all in one fascinating image.

Enjoy …

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life-and-death-of-analog-telephone infographic

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