It’s 2015, Are You Still Paying for Telephone Service Like It’s 1960?

sip trunkingI noticed this advertisement the other day and it made me smile. At one point in time the best new idea in business automation was the Rolodex. “The last word in filing convenience.” Ok… well, maybe not the last word. I doubt that you are still using index cards to organize your contacts, but you may be using technology from the 60’s to make the call once you find the number.

The internet has changed a lot about how businesses buy and pay for services of all types. It is likely that most of the applications you use every day are stored in the cloud and paid for by the month. Business communications technology should be no exception. SIP trunking offers a way to ditch old fashioned hardwired telephone lines and the antiquated idea of paying for long distance calls by the minute.

Buy and Pay for Only What You Need Today

Unlike traditional telephone, or PRI lines that are sold in groups of 23, SIP trunks can be sold one channel (a channel is equal to one line) at a time. This means you pay for only the exact number of channels you need and simply add or remove channels if your needs change. What’s more, you only need enough channels to support your expected number of concurrent calls, rather than a line for each employee.

Drop Per Minute Charges

It is unlikely that you pay for long distance calls made from your home or mobile by the minute, why do it for your business. With SIP most local and long distance calls do not result in additional charges. This makes it easy to control communications costs and predict monthly expenses.

Gain Valuable Insight

Modern businesses are driven by data. Accessing call data records (CDRs) can be useful in understanding your true communications needs and also give you a view of business activities. SIP.US provides call data records in our online control panel, making it easy for you to access this important business insight.

If you haven’t thought about modernizing your telephone service since the last time you looked up a phone number in a Rolodex, it might be time to give it some thought.



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