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PBX consists of numerous branches of telephone systems, and it connects and switches the connections to and from them, fundamentally linking and connecting the phone lines. The companies, therefore, use PBX for linking their phone lines to one particular external line, which is used by numerous people and the company takes only one line on a lease.

Within the PBX system, one only needs to be dialing a three or four digit to connect to another number in the same link; the call is then forwarded or redirected to an extension. This SIP PBX primarily is a cost-effective program selected by the company for linking different telephones of an enterprise to a single external link.

A PBX rudimentarily includes:

  • Telephone trunks or multiple lines that are all connected to a single line.
  • A computer that has memory and controls calls.

What do we have to offer?

SIP PBX is a business phone application that was created by our expert team and is maintained by a community of developers who are dedicated and passionate in the making of sophisticated phone system software that has numerous functions and benefits and is easy to use. Our software has been used several millions of times. Our SIP PBX is sponsored by a dedicated team of individuals who have a vision for easily implemented business phones, which are also cost-effective and extremely beneficial.

SIP PBX server has been built by a community of highly dedicated and talented team of software developers and also individuals who are telco experts. SIP PBX functions are designed to be easy-to-implement, and customization of the solution is also provided. For our customers who prefer a pre-packaged solution, there are several choices offered from which one can choose the best one that suits their needs and can, therefore, have the advantage of the ease and flexibility of the provided solution.

Why choose us over anyone else?

  • Significant cost saving.
  • Flexibility and easy to use designs that customers enjoy.
  • Does not require the customer to buy bandwidth, which allows the customer to use the most effective bandwidth that best suits them and their network accordingly.
  • Ensures quality and reliability and provides tier 1 redundant network.

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