The 2 Worst Pieces of Advice We’ve Ever Heard about SIP

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We are technology enthusiasts in a business that relies on the internet, so it is safe to say we’re big fans of the World Wide Web. But there is a downside to the free and open communications it provides. There is no filter. Anyone can post anything on any subject at will. In general, this is awesome, but when it comes to trying to find facts from knowledgeable experts, it can be a mess. Useful information frequently gets buried under opinions, errors and sometimes outright lies.  This is especially true of technologies like SIP that most people don’t think about every day. We’ve seen a lot of terrible advice out there. In some cases the author is simply uninformed, in others the content is intentionally misleading. Here are the two worst we’ve come across.

Don’t Implement SIP for Your Business if You Aren’t a Telecommunications Expert

This bad advice may be the result of traditional carriers trying to scare people away from a move to SIP, or sometimes it is the outcome of a bad experience with a SIP vendor. The truth is, however, that with the help of a reputable SIP vendor, almost any business can implement and benefit from SIP trunking with our without telecommunications experts on staff. Getting set up with SIP requires some simple configuration that we walk new users through every day.

Only Implement SIP if You Don’t Care About Call Quality or Reliability

We’ll be honest, in the early days of IP communications, the quality and reliability of calls over the public internet was pretty bad.  A lot of people had awful experiences with consumer grade applications like Skype or Vontage. Modern business class SIP is very different. The best providers (including SIP.US) leverage Tier 1, redundant networks in order to ensure performance and reliability. Today’s solutions are capable of minimizing packet loss and jitter to produce audio quality that is comparable to traditional telephone lines.

If you’re still not convinced that this is really bad advice that might unnecessarily keep your business from gaining the substantial cost savings that SIP provides, we’d love the chance to prove it. We offer a free trial. You’ll see how easy it is to get started and hear how good your calls will sound. Why not give it a try and put these misconceptions to bed.

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