Top 10 Benefits of SIP Trunking

top 10 advantages of SIPDavid Letterman retired last week, so a good old fashioned top 10 list feels like a fitting tribute. I’m sure ours won’t be as funny as some of Letterman’s best work (which you can see here), but we hope the benefits of SIP trunking will make you smile nonetheless.

10. Eliminate overlapping networks and their costs – Instead of operating and maintaining both data and telephone voice networks, one internet-based network provides both capabilities.

9. Unify communications – SIP trunking provides a pathway to creating a single communications system that combines voice, data, messaging, presence, and screen sharing.

8. Grow when you are ready – Unlike a traditional phone system that requires pre-planning for future capacity needs, SIP trunks can be added on-demand when additional needs arise.

7. Take the show on the road – SIP Trunking can connect mobile devices and remote workers by enabling a blend of premise and cloud based services.

6. Recover faster – Rather than being put in the dark by local events such as power or circuit outages, SIP calls can automatically be rerouted to other offices or mobile phone.

5. Don’t write any big checks – With SIP you can leverage the investment you’ve already made in your local PBX without much additional initial investment.

4. Don’t sign on the dotted line – Unlike PRI carriers that usually require long term commitments, the best SIP providers allow customers to scale up or down based on their needs each month.

3. Enjoy great voice quality – When you select a SIP trunking provider that leverages a Tier-1 network, you can expect to have great quality calls without the jitter and lag associated with un-managed internet VoIP.

2. Cut the cable – While PRI establishes a physical connection that requires each circuit to be physically connected via cables and the use of expensive termination hardware, SIP connections are virtual. Rather than being hindered by hardware, businesses utilizing SIP are only limited by the bandwidth they have available.

And the number one advantage of SIP trunking is …..

1. Dramatically cut communications costs – Customers who turn to SIP can save as much as 60% of their communications costs by eliminating expensive PRI lines and most long distance charges. They enjoy a predictable monthly expense and pay for only what they need now.

It isn’t much of a surprise that SIP is quickly becoming the de-facto choice for business communications. No matter how big or small your company happens to be, there’s a good chance that these benefits could be yours.

So there we have it; one last top ten list in honor of David Letterman.  We’re gonna miss you Dave, but, like physical hardware and PRI carriers, we won’t miss your “stupid pet tricks.”


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