Top 5 Indicators You Need SIP Trunking

Session internet protocol, more commonly referred to as SIP trunking, is a communication option available to businesses, one that is more capable and more technologically advanced than telephony or other outdated methods. When a business makes the switch to SIP trunking, it will immediately start to notice benefits. SIP trunking utilizes the internet to make all communications easier, faster, and more convenient for all parties involved.

So, is it time for your business to make the switch to SIP Trunking? The answer is almost definitely “yes,” but if you’re still not sure, consider these signs that indicate you need a change:Top 5 indicators you need SIP Trunking

1. You’re Spending Too Much Money

Everyone knows that part of running a successful business is keeping operation costs as low as possible, and that includes your communication costs. Traditional phone companies are always going to be more costly than internet-based SIP trunking services, plain and simple. And, what’s more is that you’ll get more out of an SIP trunking service than you would a traditional telephone service. Just compare rate quotes from different types of providers for proof! Why should you pay more for less? That just doesn’t make sense! If you need to cut back on costs without cutting back on the services you receive, then it’s time to take the leap to SIP trunking.

2. You Want to Make Your Bandwidth Go Further

Chances are, you pay for a certain amount of internet bandwidth each month, but did you know that it’s possible, thanks to SIP trunks, to stretch that bandwidth even further? When you are using an SIP trunking service, you’ll be allowed to use several different communication technologies over one IP network connection. Imagine running a voice chat and a video conference all at the same time! When you can do that, you can join together all of your WAN connections and get more out of your bandwidth allotment.

3. You Want to Hold Video Conferences

For years, people wished that they had the ability to actually see the person they were speaking with, even when they weren’t in the same room as that person. Thanks to modern technology, videoconferencing isn’t just possible; it’s simply the way business is done nowadays. If you can’t offer your clients a videoconferencing option, you run the risk of losing them to someone who can. Don’t take that risk, especially not when a good SIP trunking service will make videoconferencing easy, efficient, and affordable.

4. You’re Tired of Buying Too Many Trunks

Most standard communication companies require users to buy trunks in set amounts. Generally, trunks are purchased in quantities of 23 or 30, depending on where you live. Unfortunately, however, many people don’t need all 23 or all 30 of those trunks and end up being forced to pay for more trunks than they will actually use. Paying for something you won’t and/or can’t use is pointless, and that’s why SIP trunks can be purchased in any quantity you desire.

5. Poor Phone Quality is Making You Look Bad

Every business should appear capable, put together, and as if it has access to the best technology that money can buy. Appearing that way is hard, however, if you’ve got old-fashioned phone services that lead to poor call quality. And, you can’t really do business if you can’t understand what the person you’re talking to is saying or vice versa. Ditch the poor call quality that’s making you look bad by achieving superior sound through an SIP trunk.

With so many reasons to switch to SIP trunking, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and improve your business today!

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