What’s Keeping Some Businesses from Making the Switch to SIP?

roadblockBusinesses of all sizes and types are turning to the cloud for any number of business applications. Many leverage cloud-based customer database, point of sale, collaboration, payroll and marketing systems. Despite the ubiquity of cloud computing, however, some businesses are still reluctant to make the jump to SIP trunking for their business communications. Here are a few of the concerns we hear most often.


No one wants to have poor quality audio calls or a telephone system that goes down every-time there is a hardware glitch. Even though most people hate the high cost and inflexibility of the traditional telephone system, at least they know it works. Fortunately, reliability concerns don’t need to stop businesses from taking advantage of the cost savings and total flexibility of SIP solutions. The best providers use only Tier 1 carrier networks which offer call quality and reliability on par with legacy telephone lines.

Technical Resources

SIP trunking is relatively new, it’s technical, and it requires configuration. For businesses without IT resources on staff, it can be perceived as simply too difficult to manage. In the early days of SIP trunking, this was a reasonable concern. These days, solutions are available that can be easily set up by non telco experts with the help of the vendor’s support team. Easy-to-use dashboards make system administration simple enough that anyone proficient in other online applications can handle the job.


We think about SIP trunking all day, but most business leaders probably don’t. It is understandable that not everyone is aware of all of the benefits of SIP and how much it can reduce costs. (Up to 60%.) The industry has done a decent job of providing informative materials to help people understand the technology, but we’re the first to say, much more can be done in this area.


If you believe that anything connected to the internet is subject to security risks, good for you. There’s no denying that fact. But just like all of your other applications which have methods in place to stop and detect unauthorized access, so do the most reliable SIP trunks. One of the biggest concerns with SIP is international toll fraud. Protect yourself by making sure that your SIP vendor offers protection against this type of attack.

Legacy Technology

A lot of people that we talk to believe that they can’t make the move to SIP without spending a fortune on new PBX hardware. We agree that the move to SIP makes the most sense when the initial investment is low. The good news is that it is possible to mix old PBX technology with new SIP trunking capabilities. All it takes is a small, inexpensive device called an ATA that converts digital signals to analog.


Because SIP signals are sent over the internet, it is necessary to have sufficient bandwidth to support both your voice and data needs. We would never recommend that a business without adequate broadband switch to SIP. However, access to high-speed bandwidth is expanding every day and most business grade connections are more than sufficient to support SIP.


Adopting any new technology and engaging with a new vendor requires a significant degree of trust. Your phones are the lifeline of your business and not something you want to change without reasonable assurance of success. We totally get that. To help earn your confidence, we provide a free trial so that you can experience SIP in your specific environment.

These are all legitimate concerns and reasonable questions to explore. Based on our experience, most businesses can address them all with careful vendor selection and thoughtful attention to how SIP impacts the specifics of their business. That’s why the use of SIP trunking continues to gain momentum and is quickly becoming the de facto approach for companies of all sorts.


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