Why SIP Trunking is Ideal for Startups

SIP trunking for startupsLaunching a new start up is demanding. Founders are under pressure to get the product just right, find funding, build a team and go to market. It’s no wonder that the business’s communication infrastructure isn’t top of mind. But it is important, nonetheless, to have a business phone system that reliably connects your team to each other, partners, investors, vendors and customers. It must also contribute to your company’s professional image. That’s why many startup founders have turned to SIP trunking to support their efforts to achieve rapid growth. Here are just a few of the benefits of SIP for startups.

Low Communications Costs

Leaders in startups must economize wherever possible so that resources can be devoted to business drivers like development and sales. SIP trunking allows founders to keep communications cost low by eliminating the need for PRI lines and the expensive carrier agreements and long distance costs that come with them. Not only is SIP trunking less expensive than traditional lines, it also makes communications costs predictable, and important consideration for early stage companies on limited budgets.

Ultimate Flexibility

Life in a startup is unpredictable. You never know when you might need to expand rapidly or pare down for a while. Unlike traditional business telephone lines, which are sold only in blocks of 23, SIP channels can be purchased one at a time. This makes it possible for your startup to pay for only the exact capacity you require today. More channels can be added almost instantly, so there’s never a barrier to growth. If you choose SIP.US, you are also free to reduce your number of channels at any time because we don’t require any long term contracts.

Your Choice of PBX

SIP trunking can be used with a variety of open source PBX solutions such as Asterisk or FreePBX. With an open source PBX your initial investment in communications can be very low. SIP also works with any IP enabled PBX and can even work with legacy equipment through the use of an ATA (Analog Telephony Adapter.)

Easy Deployment and Administration

If you select the right vendor, SIP trunking is simple to get set up and a snap to manage.  The SIP.US solution includes an easy to use control panel for system administration. We also have a group of SIP trunking veterans who are dedicated to helping you get started and manage your system. You don’t need to have a telecommunications expert on staff because we’ve got plenty.

With SIP trunking, you can get all of the business communications features usually available to only large enterprises for your startup without breaking the bank. We’d love to show you how easy it can be with our free trial. Why not give it a whirl?

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