Why Startups & Small Businesses Choose Cloud SIP Trunks

small businessPeople tend to think of SIP trunking as something that is only manageable by large organizations with tons of technical resources, but the truth is SIP is perfect for startups and businesses with only a few employees. The flexible, scaleable, cost effective approach to voice communications is much more aligned with the needs of growing businesses than traditional analog lines with expensive carrier contracts.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is a communications protocol that enables unified voice and data communications through an IP PBX system. It replaces old fashioned, analog, land lines and PRIs. SIP enables the combination of voice and data services over a single internet connection to create one, less expensive, and easier to manage network.

Here’s why SIP trunking is perfect for your startup or small business:

Considerably Lower Costs

Businesses that choose SIP can save as much as 60% compared to traditional telephone service. As an added bonus, most long distance charges in the US and Canada are eliminated, so your monthly communications costs are predictable, a key consideration for most small businesses.

It’s Easy to Scale up or Down

Unlike traditional telephone lines, which are sold in groups of 23, SIP trunks are sold by the channel. You can purchase exactly the number of channels you need (each channel supports one incoming or outgoing telephone call). If you need additional channels, they can be purchased on-demand, exactly when you need them, preventing you from paying for lines you don’t need.

It Works with Almost any PBX

If you have a modern internet connection, you probably have all the infrastructure you need to connect with SIP. If your PBX was made in the last 10 years or so, it is probably already SIP enabled. If not, all it takes to make a legacy PBX compatible with SIP is a small, inexpensive hardware device called an Analog Telephony Adapter (ATA).

It’s Easy to Administer

Today’s best SIP services offer an easy to use control panel, so that even someone who is not a telecommunications expert can effortlessly make changes to the service and complete adds and moves. Look for a vendor who will provide complete documentation for configuring your PBX and support if you need it.

It Provides Business Continuity

Startups and small businesses can be particularly impacted when a man made or natural disaster causes the office to lose power, or prevents staff from getting to work. Tier-1 SIP trunking solutions are redundant, meaning that in the event of a technical or power problem in one area, traffic can be rerouted so business operations remain seamless. If necessary, calls can be easily sent to other locations, home phones, or mobile devices.

The industry analysis firm, Infonetics, predicts that SIP trunking will be an 8-billion-dollar industry by 2018. Sure big enterprises are on board, but a lot of the rapid growth of SIP is coming from the small business sector.  We don’t find this surprising at all. SIP provides some huge advantages for growing businesses.


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