Winter is Coming: Choose SIP

SIP for business recoveryIf you follow the news at all, you’ve seen the crazy weather stretching from coast to coast.  According to this article in USA Today the last of Boston’s winter snow officially melted just a few days ago on July 14th while everything west of Denver is in a drought.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, climatologists are now calling for one of the bigger El Nino events they’ve ever recorded. At this point, the only predictable thing about the weather is that it’s unpredictable.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to have disaster plans in place in case of business disruption (remember hurricane Sandy?)  Once it starts raining, it’s too late to fix your roof, so July seems like a great time to think ahead and talk about what to do with your phone system in case of flooding, or mudslides, or a rain of toads or whatever else the weather throws our way.

Choosing SIP trucking lets you scratch your business phone system off the list of things to worry about. With SIP, if internet access to a particular location is lost or if employees can’t get into the office, calls can easily be rerouted to another office, home phones or mobile devices. This can be configured in advance to go into effect automatically during a weather (or any other) emergency.

During a weather event, it is important that your employees are able to reach each other and that you are able to communicate with customers and partners. Unlike traditional telephone lines, SIP takes advantage of the resilience of the internet to minimize the disruption and keep you connected.

There’s no form of communications that’s bulletproof, but SIP trunking gives you the most flexibility and best disaster recovery out of anything available. So, have a popsicle and enjoy July while it lasts.

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