You Might Need a New Approach to Business Communications If …

icon-SIP-trunks-resized (1)Business phone systems are easily put in the, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” category especially when other concerns are top of mind. We understand that temptation, but businesses that continue to function with outdated technology are missing the opportunity to deploy systems that align perfectly with current needs. When it comes to the phone system, you should consider a new approach to business communications if ….

You Are Paying Too Much

Many businesses are still connecting to the public telephone network with legacy landlines and expensive PRI contracts. This approach can cost up to 60% more than the modern alternative, which is SIP trunking. Not only is the traditional approach to voice connectivity more expensive, it is also unpredictable, with costs that vary based on long distance charges. SIP, on the other hand is sold by the channel, rather than the minute, so you know exactly what your costs will be.

You Are Growing

Traditional phone lines are sold in groups of 23, so if your phone system is at or near capacity and you add just one new person, you’ll need to add and pay for 23 lines. This is totally unnecessary with SIP, which lets you add or subtract one channel at a time, so that you have exactly the right capacity for your business.

You Want More Insight

The calling patterns of your business can give you tremendous insight into the rhythm of your organization.  Are there certain times of day, days of the week or times of the year that phone traffic is exceptionally high or low? Are you staffed appropriately to manage call volume during peak hours without wasting resources when things are slow? Do the calling patterns of sales people shed light on their results? If you want answers to these questions and many others, consider moving away from legacy voice solutions and opting for one that will give you detailed call data records that you can use for analysis.

You Are Ready for Unified Communications

Today’s PBX solutions offer far more than just voice. Those enabled for unified communications also can include: instant messaging (chat), presence information, video conferencing, call control and speech recognition. The great news is that you don’t have to pay a bundle for all of these useful features. There are several free, open source PBX solutions on the market that you might consider. They work perfectly with SIP trunking, so that you can upgrade your entire communications platform.

There are a host of benefits possible for those who are willing to rethink their approach to business communications. The only question is – why wait?

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