7 Benefits of an SIP Trunk Service Provider

Phones play an integral part in most businesses. Specifically, they often play a vital role in businesses that have several locations across the country. This goes beyond the borders to those with international connections.

Due to this, in an effort to improve their overall communication, some businesses turn to an SIP trunk service provider.

According to statistics, in the past, 13 percent of firms that used SIP have used it for 100 percent of their WAN traffic. Now, in 2018, around 42 percent of firms will send 100 percent of their traffic using SIP trunks.

Keep reading to find out more about what SIP trunking is and the seven benefits of using an SIP trunk service provider.

What is SIP Trunking?
SIP trunking is a service which allows organizations to place phone calls. This is done through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

This service uses internet protocol to perform its tasks. Thus, it requires an internet connection.

It also needs IP-enabled PB and a border element to support these voice communications. SIP also allows the user’s voice to become an application on the IP Network.

Businesses new to this technology may get worried about the bulky hardware that’s needed with this technology. But actually, there are no physical trunks associated with SIP. It’s simply a lightweight group of protocols.

These get delivered by an SIP provider who will then enable your organization to utilize the benefits of internet-based phones.

What about the capabilities?

The capabilities provided by SIP trunking are practically endless. It allows subscribers to make and receive local and cross-border calls, utilize directory assistance services, access both mobile and landline-based numbers, access the internet and make emergency calls.

What Are the Actual Benefits of an SIP Trunk Service Provider?
There are so many reasons for any organization to go with an SIP trunk service provider. From saving money to becoming more globally connected, read on to find out what they are.

1. Get Ready to Save Money
When using a traditional phone service, most businesses find themselves subject to a variety of different charges for local, long distance and international calls.

When using SIP trunking, however, organizations gain instant access to easily understood pricing that’s billed on a per-user basis. There’s also the fact that switching to an SIP provider allows organizations to enjoy predictable monthly costs.

This, therefore, translates to a friendlier budget.

According to statistics, small businesses that switch to an SIP trunk service provider save up to 90 percent on international calls. They also reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40 percent.

2. Expect Immediate Return on Investments
When it comes to technology investments, many businesses may not get the investment returns for years. They are often considered a gamble due to lack of case studies.

But that’s not the case for SIP services.

Luckily, SIP is considered to be a fully established technology. This means it has very little upfront investment costs. From the first monthly billing statement, organizations who switch to SIP begin to appreciate the cost savings.

3. Step Towards Unified Communications
SIP has the added benefit of acting as a gateway towards Unified Communications as a Service. When selecting the right SIP provider, they can offer an entire suite of communication tools. These include video conferencing software and fiber-optic internet connectivity.

The service may also include collaboration apps, instant messaging and other sorts of cloud-based tools that have been designed for business productivity.

4. Achieve Global Potential
Any organization that needs fast growth across multiple geographic locations will find that going with an SIP trunk service provider is very beneficial.

How exactly?

An organization’s geographic locations and remote workers can be consolidated when voice and data get combined into a single network. The quick scalability of SIP also allows organizations to scale with great flexibility as new sites or full-time remote workers are being established.

5. Get Rid of Unnecessary Infrastructure
When it comes to traditional phone service, it can be a challenge expanding your organization’s infrastructure. There may be a very long period of time before the local telecommunications company comes along to install new phone lines.

Along with this, people who work from home and remote employees need a mobile service. This is necessary so they can communicate with colleagues from their organization.

By going with an SIP trunk service provider, any organization can add phone lines. They can do this by connecting their handsets to the work data connection. Those who work off-site can also be integrated into the company network.

This can be done through a special internal phone number and a five-digit extension. In totality, the entire process would not be as demanding as the traditional based ones.

6. Receive Network Consolidation
Despite using a single provider, a lot of companies still pay for their data and telephone voice service separately, which can be quite expensive. But with an SIP trunk service provider, these companies move their data and voice into a single network.

This allows voice calls to get treated as a form of data transmission.

This will increase the bandwidth demands on data connection. Additionally, it will ultimately save any company a significant amount of money while also increasing reliability with fiber-optic internet connectivity.

7. Increase the Reliability of Your Communication Service
Traditional telephone services can get hit hard. These mishaps may be due to fallen telephone poles and weather events. Ultimately, these can have a massive effect on their usefulness.

In contrast, an SIP trunk service provider can offer you a piece of reliable technology that won’t be affected by these issues.

In the event of a failure in some part of the communication process, SIP trunking can allow you to route your calls to other offices or employee mobile devices.

Go with a Reliable SIP Trunk Service Provider to Improve Telecommunication Service
Want to extend a traditional telephone service into the cloud? Get the assistance of the SIP trunk service experts. They will help provide any business with a communication service with an almost never-ending list of benefits.

To get started with a free SIP account today, click here.

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