7 Proven Advantages of VOIP in Any Business

Many companies today use VOIP technology. It’s growing into a $140 billion market by 2021. Whether you’re launching a new company or aiming to improve your business, a VOIP is the first step in the right direction.

The main reason is that VOIP and SIP trunking costs cost about 50 percent less than traditional phone services. Yet, the benefits of VOIP go beyond the financial aspects.

Why switch to a VOIP system, other than the lower costs? Here are seven of the biggest advantages of VOIP technology you should consider:

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Here’s the main problem of a traditional, analog telephone line for business: it’s a nightmare to install and maintain them. You need to plan years ahead to know where you can run the lines in your facility.

This problem vanishes the moment you switch to VOIP technology. Installation can be as simple as plugging in a USB dongle to a laptop.

Most installation procedures also include upgrading a company’s Internet connection and placing routers to keep every employee connected online.

Maintenance follows the same ease of the procedure. If a VOIP phone breaks, the employee can simply replace it by plugging in a new unit and still keep their old number.

Increase Productivity

VOIP goes beyond audio calls, although this is its primary function. You can email, hold conferences, and browse for research while a call is ongoing. This means your employees can get more down in less time.

Most VOIP systems come with unified messaging. This single interface lets an employee manage calls, emails, and fax among many others. This saves an employee 40 minutes of work per day or 191 hours a day for the whole company.

191 hours per day is the same amount of workforce you’d pay for 23 employees. With VOIP, you get to save that time and get more done, saving your business an estimated $920,000 a year.

Efficient Upscaling

As mentioned, you need to plan ahead before installing analog phones. You need to know where the lines will run on the walls and this means you have a maximum number of phones you can support. You also can’t move locations on a whim.

That’s no longer the case with a VOIP system.

One of the best advantages of VOIP technology is its efficiency for upscaling. You can add more phones by adding accounts on the network.

Because the whole phone system relies on the Internet, you can increase or decrease the number of VOIP units without hassle. It’s a simple plug-and-play technology with little maintenance skills needed.

Portable Flexibility

All the phone numbers are on the network.

This means employees don’t have to be in one set location to handle calls, conferences, and other tasks. An employee could be halfway across the globe and still access their phone number and work.

Employees don’t need to worry about rerouting the telephone lines and changing numbers. They can keep the same number when they have to move to another floor or country.

This also means you can use the VOIP for employees and clients who are miles apart. You can have clients from Japan join a business meeting happening in Los Angeles, and it won’t cost them an international calling fee.

Common Phone Features Still Available

Even though VOIP services offer a lot of flexibility and new features, it doesn’t mean you lose out on the classic options. You will still find many of the standard call options available.

That means all your common telephone options are still functional. You can still do things like the following:

  • Call hold
  • Cold call transfers
  • Warm call transfers
  • Handsfree mode
  • Automated phone menu systems

One of the main advantages of VOIP is that you can do all of these things while multitasking. This means you can access a client’s account or send group emails while in a conference.

Some of the new things you can do include call recording and multi-line conferences. You can even invite spectators who can listen but not speak during a call conference.

Older Technology Still Works

With the old features also comes support for the old technology. Telephones haven’t changed much even with the advent of smartphones. This means things like connecting to your printers and fax machines still work.

As a matter of fact, there is now Fax Over IP or FOIP. This is a new system that lets you send fax messages through the same network your VOIP functions in. You can do things like converting a fax message into an email.

There is even a way to connect old analog phones to a VOIP network. This is not a good idea since they don’t come with many of the features a VOIP phone offers. It’s still a neat option if you don’t want to get rid of your older business phones in the office.

Cheaper International Calls

As mentioned, international calls are much more affordable thanks to VOIP technology.

A caller doesn’t have to pay international fees at all. The only expenses they’ll have is for their Internet connection and VOIP hardware.

If they are using a softphone, which is a phone app on their laptop or desktop computer, then they don’t even need to pay anything for hardware. A simple headset with a mic will get the job done too.

This lets you conduct business anywhere, anytime. You’ll no longer have to limit yourself to the boundaries of a physical conference room.

You might be doing this already without knowing it. Social media networks like Facebook integrate VOIP technology in their chat system. This allows people to video call for free as long as they are on the platform.

Enjoy the Advantages of VOIP Today

What are you waiting for? Why settle for expensive and less productive telephone systems of the past?

You can enjoy the advantages of VOIP and quick SIP trunking right now.

We offer top-quality SIP services and can cater to all your VOIP needs. From SIP trunking to telemarketing support and softphone maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t wait and get in touch with us now to get started with your transition to a VOIP system.

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