Effortless Communication with SIP for Allworx®

SIP.US is compatible with many PBX solutions that deliver unified communications and call control, including Allworx. Implementing SIP for Allworx helps businesses lower the cost of communications while enjoying hassle-free administration and a variety of enterprise level features.

About Allworx

SIP for Allworx

Allworx is dedicated to making it effortless to communicate.  The solution offers presence management, caller ID based routing, unified messaging, unlimited devices and unlimited call routes. When deployed with SIP for Allworx, it helps companies minimize communication costs without sacrificing call quality or reliability.

Implementing Allworx

Allworx does not sell directly to end users, but through authorized business partners (re-sellers).  Your Authorized Allworx Partner will work with you to assure a smooth installation, beginning with a thorough Site Survey at your location. Following the site survey, your system will be configured, the equipment will be ordered, and an installation date will be scheduled.  Your Allworx system will be installed on your existing Local Area Network. There is no extra charge to implement SIP for Allworx.

Why Choose SIP.US for Allworx?

Business phone systems consist of two main components.  The PBX, which provides call management and additional unified communications features and the connectivity to the telephone network.  SIP trunking is the most cost effective method of providing that connectivity. There are a number of reasons that clients choose to deploy SIP for Allworx.

  • Lowest Expansion Cost – Allworx does not require gateways, expansion cards or other third-party products, making it easy and inexpensive to expand the system as your company grows.  SIP channels from SIP.US can be provisioned almost instantly.
  • Proven Savings – SIP trunking lowers operating costs by eliminating the need for expensive PRI lines from the telephone company. Unlimited channels from SIP.US include local and long distance calling to the contiguous US and most of Canada.  Not only are long distance charges reduced, the monthly phone bill becomes predictable.
  • Easy-to-Use  –  The Allworx system is designed to be incredibly easy to use and administer.  SIP.US also provides a simple user interface for our control panel so that you can add, move and even cancel service with ease.
  • Pay for Only What  You Need  – Allworx makes available powerful features like ACD (automatic call distribution), multi-site functionality, conferencing and mobile device support.  All are easily activated with software keys if and when you need them.  SIP.US offers our unlimited channels in increments as low as one, so you pay for only exactly the number of channels you need to day and add more when necessary.

 Customer Feedback

Here is what our customers have to say about working with SIP.US:

“The SIP.US Control Panel gives me all the tools I need to add, change and delete phone numbers.  I can even order all the DIDs I need and set them up instantly.  I love having access to these self-service tools, but I know the support team is also there if I need additional help.” – Colin Cook, Thimble River

“I was having a lot of problems getting numbers ported with another VoIP provider, so I had SIP.US take over. What a difference!.” –  Michael Dodds, Doddstech

How To Configure SIP for Allworx

Comprehensive instructions for setting up Allworx for SIP.US are available at in our knowledge base.  SIP.US is also happy to work with your Allworx partner during configuration.  If help is desired, visit our support site and open a new ticket.

SIP for Allworx Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a certain type of Internet connection to use SIP.US with Allworx?

SIP.US supports whatever high-speed broadband internet connection you choose.  You can select cable, T1-data, Metro Ethernet or DSL.  Unlike some SIP providers, SIP.US does not require you to purchase Internet connectivity from us.

Will I be able to get numbers in my area code?

SIP.US has one of the largest DID footprints of any SIP trunking provider,  We have access to over 6,000 rate centers in the United States. Other SIP trunk providers may only have a few numbers in each rate center, but with SIP.US you will often find hundreds of numbers in each area code across the United States in our inventory.

What calling area do the unlimited SIP trunks cover?

Our unlimited SIP trunks cover outbound SIP calls to the 48 contiguous US states and Canada (excluding the Northwest Territories of Canada). Inbound local DIDs for the 48 contiguous US states are also included.

SIP.US for Allworx is an excellent choice for companies looking to lower communications cost, yet provide rich features and ease of use to employees.  SIP.US offers a risk-free trial so you can confidently start saving today.