About SIP.US

SIP.US provides SIP trunking service for IP-PBX systems and analog/digital gateways. Our service works with your existing Internet connection and supports any SIP-compliant device including; IP-PBX, SIP soft phones, analog telephone adapters or T1 digital gateways. Our SIP trunks are provisioned immediately and come with a free trial that includes up to 60 minutes of calling, allowing you to make sure everything works to your satisfaction. We have a simple, yet powerful online control panel which enables you to easily manage your SIP trunks and telephone numbers. Everything is done in a fully automated, self-service environment.

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We’re Passionate About IP Telephony and SIP Trunking

Our founding team has an extensive background in hosting Asterisk and FreeSWITCH PBX systems, both virtual and dedicated, since 2007. We pioneered the concept of the open-source telephony “triple-play,” offering hosted Asterisk, integrated SIP trunking, and pre-configured Polycom and Cisco IP phones. We do it all in an automated, online environment. We have a deep understanding of VoIP call routing and quality of service. We have developed a vast knowledge-base of the hundreds of different router, firewall and network ISP combinations we experienced while hosting thousands of IP-PBX’s. With the launch of SIP.US, our focus is exclusively on SIP trunking and developing the best online control panel in the marketplace.


Our Advantage – Reducing Cost with Automated Provisioning

Everything we build is designed to be fully automated, minimizing the amount of human intervention necessary to operate our business. We find it amazing (and perplexing) that most companies in the telecom industry still rely on manual processes for ordering, provisioning and billing. We can spin up a new SIP trunk in seconds and that’s how it should be. Do you need a new telephone number? Simply query our number inventory by state and area code, pick the ones you want, and buy them. They are ready to use immediately. Need to add a couple of channels to your unlimited SIP trunk? No problem. Do it all online and it’s even automatically pro-rated for you. Need to check your call detail records? It’s easy. We display them in near real-time as soon as you hang up the phone. This automation means lower costs and greater flexibility for our customers.

Customer Support is at the Core of Everything We Do

It’s not enough to be a low cost provider of SIP Trunking service. There are a number of providers offering low cost trunking service. What makes us special is providing a level of customer service that consistently exceeds expectations. We work with clients to configure their SIP trunk to work with almost any brand of IP-PBX or softphone. When clients have carrier issues, we intervene on their behalf until the problem is solved. There is no “Tier 1 Support Group” at SIP.US, If you submit a ticket, its going to get resolved by someone who has at least 10 years experience in telephony and specifically, at least 5 years experience with SIP Trunking. Our support team has literally seen it all when it comes to this technology.

When customers choose SIP.US, they get not only the lowest cost and most reliable SIP Trunking service available, but also a team of dedicated professionals who really love this technology and pull out all the stops to delight every client.


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