10 Signs You Should Invest In a SIP Trunk

Session initiation protocol, or SIP, is widely viewed as the future of communication. Instead of dealing with slow and outdated copper lines, those who use SIP trunks can tap into robust Internet connections. Some business have been slow to make the leap; here are 10 signs you should invest in a SIP trunk.

Telephony is Too Expensive

10 Signs to use SIP

The Internet has not caused business phone prices to drop appreciably, and phone companies largely rely on momentum to continue to operate. If the low prices your competitors are paying for phone service makes you feel a bit jealous, it might be time to switch.

Videoconferencing Looks Tempting

Videoconferencing was believed to be the future in the 1960s, but it took decades for technology to catch up. Thanks to advanced compression techniques, videoconferencing is a reality in offices around the world. A SIP trunk gives you the ability to implement a wide range of effective systems.

Call Quality Seems Poor

Traditional phone lines are limited by their copper transmissions, and there is no way to improve them. With a SIP trunk, you can achieve far better sound and voice quality, which allows you to be more efficient when talking with others.

Expansion is Causing Coordination Problems

Expansion is essential in many fields, and opening a new office can lead to great opportunities. However, coordinating between multiple locations is notoriously difficult. With a SIP trunk, you can host videoconferencing sessions and take advantage of modern means of communicating. SIP trunks can also allow you to communicate as much as needed without worrying about expensive phone bills.

Opening a Call Center

Running a call center is expensive, and those who have toll-free numbers will have to deal with even higher costs. By using a SIP trunk, you can cut these costs significantly. Despite the widespread adoption of online help services, call centers are still essential in a number of fields; SIP technology can save your from business unneeded expenses.

Sophisticated Virtual Meetings

There are a number of solutions for virtual meetings, but most are more expensive than SIP infrastructure and offer fewer features. Investing in SIP hardware and software can make these meetings seamless, and advanced features, such as document sharing, make them a great way to meet with people within the company and people who work elsewhere.

You Want to Try Telecommuting

Companies around the world are experimenting with and embracing telecommuting, and the costs savings can be tremendous. However, employees need a means of communicating with the office. A SIP trunk can make telecommuting more convenient and efficient.

Better Collaboration

The popularity of cloud paradigms is bringing effective collaboration to the forefront, and SIP trunks work well with these systems. Effective collaboration requires constant communication, and SIP infrastructure can help.

You’re Spending too Much on Telephone Infrastructure

Many advanced telephony features are handled via software with SIP trunks; with traditional telephones, these features are often handle through hardware. SIP upgrades often require no new additional hardware and are far cheaper to implement.

You are Falling Behind

While SIP trunks provide a number of benefits over traditional solutions, the future promises to bring even more advances. Those who invest in SIP infrastructure will be able to take advantage of these features and gain a competitive edge. Even if today’s features are not compelling enough to make the switch, future advances will tip the scales.

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