4 Things to Look for During Your Free SIP Trunk Trial

free SIP trunk trialMore businesses than ever are turning to SIP trunking to cut communications costs by as much as 60% and enjoy greater flexibility and scalability. You’ve probably heard good things about the approach from some, and horror stories from others. That’s because the quality of SIP trunk services varies widely. Some providers use Tier-1 carrier networks that ensure quality audio transmission, reliable service, and automated failover in case of a problem at any one location. Others use sub-standard networks that cause problems leading to dropped calls and poor voice quality. Given the disparity in service quality, we understand if considering moving to SIP results in a bit of anxiety.

That’s why we offer a free trial of our SIP trunk solution and recommend that you don’t consider any SIP provider that won’t.

Free SIP Trunk Trial

Putting your communications infrastructure in the hands of a new service provider is a big deal. A switch to SIP that doesn’t go smoothly could damage your business and your reputation. That’s exactly why we offer free SIP trial accounts that give you 60 minutes of outbound calling to most of the United States. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and will give you the confidence that your SIP deployment will be successful. Here are four things to evaluate.

Bandwidth – Because your calls will now be going over the internet, it is important to evaluate the speed and reliability of your internet connection. The good news is that most modern business high-speed connections including DSL, cable, T1, and metro Ethernet are perfectly sufficient to work with SIP. During your free SIP trial, you’ll be able to reassure yourself that yours is adequate or determine if you need an upgrade. By the way, although some SIP trunking providers insist that you get internet service through them, you can find a provider (yours truly included) that doesn’t make such a demand, letting you choose the service that has the best quality and value in your market.

Quality of Service – Reliability and quality in VoIP are measured in “Packet Loss” and “Data Latency,” both of which lead to jitter and lag. In other words, unacceptable voice quality. We’re very proud that we outperform the industry with less than 1% packet loss and a latency of fewer than 150 milliseconds. You can experience this for yourself during your free trial.

Customer Service – When you make the move to SIP you are getting more than just technology. You are also getting a new partner to help ensure your transition and your ongoing communications go smoothly. Make sure that the SIP vendor you select is happy to answer your questions and help you get up and running painlessly.

User Experience – Your SIP service will have some sort of administrative tool that lets you manage your account. Use your trial period to make sure that it is easy to understand and use. You should be able to quickly handle moves, adds, and changes.

At the end of your trial, you’ll be certain that you will be delighted with your new communications solution. You can simply sit back and enjoy the savings.

Free SIP Trunk in 60 Seconds

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