8 Important Things You Didn't Know About Sip Trunking

SIP Trunking is a protocol for connecting VOIP Telephone systems to the circuit based Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) that normal telephone service is based on.  It replaces the typical dual-connectionThings Your Should Know About SIP Trunking  model used by businesses that use both IP and circuit switched telephone systems with a single system.  SIP providers maintain the PSTN connection for you, so you do not need to worry about it.  You can also eliminate some of your communication services, and lower your overall cost of telephone communication.  Here are eight important things you may not have known about SIP Trunking:

1. SIP Trunking Is Video-Ready

When your staff place calls between video-enabled IP phones, the video connection can be carried over the same network that handles the rest of your phone traffic.

2. SIP Trunking May Improve Security

No communication protocol is totally secure from sufficiently motivated individuals, but SIP Trunking makes casual eavesdropping by unsophisticated thieves unlikely.  The only way to listen in on IP calls is to capture the packets of information en-route and reassemble the conversation.

3. SIP Trunking Makes It Easy to Reroute Calls

If one of your locations loses its connection or has no open lines available, calls can be routed to an available line at another location.

4. SIP Trunking Is Already Widely Used

Many call centers already depend on SIP Trunking; it is a reliable and efficient system for interfacing VOIP and traditional phone service, to get the best of both worlds.

5. SIP Trunking Uses Physical Wires More Efficiently

Rather than have separate lines for voice, data and video; you can use just your data connection to carry it all.  This greatly simplifies installation and maintenance of your communication systems.

6. SIP Trunking Simplifies Your Communication Billing

Why should you have multiple accounts and bills from multiple providers when you can contract with a single provider?  There are many SIP providers to choose from; do the research and choose a quality provider, and your cost savings could be significant.

7. SIP Trunking Removes a Possible Point of Failure

You do not need to maintain a connection to the PSTN; that is the responsibility of your provider.  SIP providers specialize in maintaining uptime; it is their core strength.  Even if your voice system goes completely down, you will still have access to your broadband data connection; your business will not be entirely in the dark.

8. SIP Trunking Is Compatible with Legacy PBX Hardware

Many buildings have pre-existing analog PBX systems.  This legacy hardware is incompatible with many new communications technologies.  To use SIP Trunking, you do not need to replace your PBX; you can install an Integrated Access Device (IAD) that will interface with your existing PBX. SIP Trunking can make your communication more efficient by eliminating a potentially costly service from your utility cost.  By using your existing broadband data connection to carry your voice traffic, you also have more flexibility.  You can purchase exactly the voice capacity you need, even in single call increments.  Rather than installing a PRI that supports 23 voice channels, you can support any arbitrary number of voice channels.  You can save money and increase your communication capabilities using SIP Trunking.

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