SIP Trunk ProviderWe write a lot about what to look for in a great SIP trunk provider, but we don’t often talk about what makes a provider really, really terrible.  The SIP industry is proliferating and there aren’t many barriers to entry into the market for companies more concerned with fast cash than great service.  Most people don’t buy SIP trunking very often, so it’s useful to know the warning signs of sub-par provider.  We hope you will avoid any SIP provider that falls into even one of these categories, but if you find one that falls into all of them – Congratulations!  You’ve found the worst SIP trunk provider.

They Make You Purchase Internet Bandwidth from Them

A good high-speed Internet connection is essential to a high-quality and reliable SIP experience.  Sure, vendors that require you to purchase bandwidth from them make more money from each client, but they prevent clients from shopping for the best Internet service and value available in their market.  It’s not a problem if SIP trunk providers offer both bandwidth and SIP, but be very skeptical of those that insist you get both from them.  Whatever they may say, many vendors allow you to select the Internet service provider of your choice.

They Won’t Discuss their Quality of Service

There are two key metrics of quality in SIP, packet loss and data latency.  Any reputable SIP trunk provider will provide you with their statistics for both.  If they tell you that it’s “proprietary,” or that it isn’t important or than no one releases that information, run, don’t walk, away.  For the record, you want a provider that can provide a packet loss of less than 1% and latency of less than 150 milliseconds.

They Won’t Talk to You

We’ll be the first to say that it isn’t absolutely necessary to have a conversation before you buy to purchase great SIP service.  Many of our customers do exactly that.  Many others, however, have questions and want to get specific information about their configuration or needs.  If you cannot speak to a knowledgeable person to assist you before you buy, don’t have faith that you’ll get great support after.

They Charge for CNAME (Inbound Caller ID) Delivery

Sure, they’ll tell you that it’s only fractions of a penny per “dip.”  Who cares?  It adds up and there is absolutely no reason to pay for it.

They Don’t Use a Tire-1 Redundant Network

This may seem technical if you don’t live and breathe SIP, but don’t be too intimidated to ask the question.  This is the only way to ensure that you get the highest quality voice experience eliminate a single point of failure for outstanding reliability and performance.

The fact that SIP is becoming more and more popular as businesses turn to it to save money and increase flexibility is great, but as with any quickly growing industry there are those who will take advantage of customer’s inexperience with the technology.  That’s unfortunate, but it is good to be armed with the warning signs.  Any one of these traits is a red flag and we’re not sure if any provider falls into all of them, but if you do manage to find the worst SIP trunk provider, just say no.

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