Free SIP Trunk

Know what you’re holding with a free SIP trunk evaluation.

If you are in the IT or telecommunications industry, or even if you are just a small business owner looking at business phone solutions, you’ve probably heard a lot about SIP trunking.  It’s all the rage right now, and for good reason.  Businesses that move to SIP are seeing monthly telecommunications savings of up to 60%.  They are enjoying the flexibility and instant scalability that SIP affords.  SIP vendors want to keep you focused on the jackpot.  But if you look long enough, no doubt you’ll start to see busts as well.  Dropped calls, unexpectedly high bills, bad voice quality and generally poor service.  If you are like many of our clients, you really want the benefits of SIP, but are unsure when to throw the dice.  We get it.

Free SIP Trunk Trial

We understand that placing your company’s communications infrastructure in the hands of a new provider and moving to a relatively new technology is placing a bet.  The stakes are high as, a failed deployment could be damaging to your business and your reputation.  To help, we offer free SIP trial accounts with 60 minutes of outbound calling to anywhere in the lower 48 US states to test our service. You can be started in as little as 60 seconds.  With your free SIP trunk minutes you can:

  • Evaluate Bandwidth – The speed and reliability of your Internet connection is important to your SIP experience.  Although, most high speed connections such as DSL, T1, Cable and Metro Ethernet are sufficient, your free SIP trunk test period is an excellent time to determine if your connection is adequate or if an upgrade of your Internet service is in order.  SIP.US does not require that you purchase Internet bandwidth from us, so you are free to find the best service and value available in your area.
  • Test Quality of Service – Reliability and quality in  SIP are measured in “Packet Loss” and “Data Latency.”  SIP.US offers some of the best stats in the business with 1% packet loss and Latency of less than 150 milliseconds, but you don’t have to take our word for it.  Your free SIP trunk trial is the perfect way to see for yourself.
  • Experience Service – It is important to know that the SIP vendor you select will be there to answer your questions and help when needed.  We invite you to contact us if you have any questions during your trial or need help setting up your service.
  • Verify Ease of Use – Our control panel lets you manage all aspects of your account from anywhere, with ease.  After your free SIP trunk trial you’ll feel confident that you can administer your company’s SIP service painlessly.

No Credit Card/No Obligation

Our customers are happy.  That’s why we can confidently offer this free SIP trunk trial.  We want you to be happy too.  That’s why there’s no obligation and we won’t ask you for a credit card to get free SIP.  To get you in the game, we’ll just confirm your email.  You’ll configure your SIP trunk to your system and you can start making calls immediately.

Don’t gamble with your business communications.  Take a peek at the cards before you ante up.


Free SIP Trunk in 60 Seconds

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