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In the US, there are 30.2 million small businesses. Every single one needs to communicate with its customers. Phone, fax, and text are still the primary choices for some industries.

The choices for voice communications are nearly endless. Say goodbye to the analog service and copper lines of the past century. T1, E1, ISDN and others are on the way out of the US, UK, and parts of Europe. 

Is your industry ready?

The flexible and economical Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk is the right replacement. Read on for some pointers from a SIP trunk provider who knows small business.

Who Needs To Use a SIP Trunk?

Any business where the biggest concern is the cost and reliability of communication needs a SIP Trunk. SIP trunks don’t depend on copper phone lines, so weather-related outages are minimal. Here are some industries that have a lot to gain by making the switch to SIP.

Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering

The hospitality industry depends on voice communications daily. Even though many travelers use mobile phones, hotels still field hundreds of incoming and outgoing calls a day and guests expect a phone in the room to communicate with the front desk and other guest rooms. Meeting seasonal demands for customer service and support is easy with the flexibility of SIP trunking you can add and subtract channels at any time. 

Local Governments and Agencies

SIP trunking provides an easy transition from legacy phone lines to internet-based, modern, unified communications systems. With SIP, local governments can cut costs and increase flexibility while providing even better service to the communities that they serve.

Medical Practices

For healthcare providers, the constant tension between the need to provide high-quality care with great customer service and the urgency to keep costs down makes SIP trunking a smart choice. This is especially true for practices that span more than one location or offer telemedicine services.

Car Dealerships

SIP trunking reduces costs for car dealerships and other businesses in several ways. The first is by eliminating the expensive PRI (Primary Rate Interface) physical telephone lines and their contracts. Next, many SIP trunking providers offer a flat monthly rate for all calls to most of the US. This means that your phone bill is significantly lower and more predictable no matter how many calls you make. Finally, PRI lines are sold in groups of 26. Many dealerships don’t need that many lines. With SIP trunking, you only pay for the number of channels that your location needs.

K-12 Private Schools

Many private schools are making the move to SIP trunking for communications. These schools have been able to sharply cut costs and streamline system administration while at the same time providing even better service to the families that they serve. 

These industries are just the tip of the iceberg. SIP trunking can transform the communications infrastructure of businesses  of all types.

How Can Your Business Benefit From SIP Trunking?

The average business employee spends 400 minutes per month on the phone. Think about your current costs. Ask your SIP trunk provider to help you compare plans. With the right SIP trunking provider you enjoy:

  • Flexibility
  • Lower Call Charges
  • Hardware Savings
  • Low Monthly Line Cost
  • Low DID (Direct Inward Dial) Fees

Adding and subtracting channels to your SIP trunk to cope with changing call volumes is simple. With SIP.US, our easy online interface allows you to control channels with near-instant results. 

Ready to Make a Switch to SIP Trunking?

Businesses can save money by switching to reliable and low-cost SIP trunking. To find the best SIP trunk provider, look for competitive rates and make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

SIP.US takes pride in our high-quality, well-protected and secure SIP network. Telecom providers often use bundles of unwanted features and data throttling to differentiate their packages. Look out for super cheap prices. 

We offer a contract-free, no-charge trial of our superior SIP network services. The trial account includes 60 minutes of outbound calling to anywhere in the lower 48 contiguous US states. 

You can get started now. Just confirm your email address and we create your SIP trunk. With your test credit, you configure it to your system and start calling!

Free SIP Trunk in 60 Seconds

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