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The Top 10 Benefits to Using Call Tracking

Call Tracking with SIPOne thing that has become a big deal in marketing recently is call tracking. It allows you to use unique phone numbers to track exactly where inbound calls to your company come from. Below are the top ten benefits call tracking can provide to your company.

1. You Can Better Track ROICall Tracking using SIPCall Tracking using SIP

Call tracking gives you plenty of information to help you determine what your actual return on investment is for different marketing campaigns. Using unique phone numbers that can be tracked can give you a better idea of what ads are producing the most profit.

2. You Can Determine Peak Call Hours

Call tracking allows you to record exactly when calls are made to your company. With this compiled information, you can pin point exactly which days and which hours of the day you receive the most calls. This can allow you to more efficiently schedule work hours for your staff.

3. It Allows You to Make Quick Decisions

Call tracking software gives you the ability to produce reports with all kind of information regarding the callers, call lengths, number of calls and more. This information can be accessed at anytime to give you the ability to make quick decisions regarding your advertising spending.

4. It Improves Call Forwarding

The use of call tracking allows you to forward a call to the right staff member immediately. No longer will a sale be lost due to a caller becoming frustrated by not being able to quickly speak to the right person.

5. It Can Help You Better Target Your Marketing

A lot of this information produced from call tracking can give you a better idea of what the actual demographics of your customers are. You can determine exactly who they are and where they live. This can allow you to produce more targeted advertising to reach those customers.

6. Call Recordings Provide Valuable Information

You can also record your incoming calls with call tracking. This can give you some very valuable information. You can discover what kind of problems large numbers of your customers are experiencing or what products they prefer. This kind of intelligence can allow you to make the appropriate shifts in your plans much faster.

7. It Helps Measure the Effectiveness of Your Internet Operations

Unique tracking phone numbers can also be used to assist your internet marketing efforts. Using these numbers, you can determine exactly which landing pages are actually producing calls. This can allow you to learn how to better focus and craft your online marketing.

8. It Can Help Refine Your SEO

Call tracking can help improve your search engine optimization as well. You can use it to collect information regarding your pay per click marketing to see exactly what keywords are producing calls. This can help you better refine your SEO and focus on the keywords that are actually attracting customers.

9. It Allows You to Compare Advertising Channels

The use of unique phone numbers that can be tracked can also allow you to make quick comparisons between different channels you may be using to run ads. For example, you may discover that your newspaper advertising is actually producing very few conversions. This can allow you to focus on other channels like say the internet and radio that are more profitable.

10. It Helps You Manage Your Staff

Call tracking gives you the ability to more successfully manage your call center staff. With the ability to record the calls and additional information, you can determine whether or not your staff is doing a good job of assisting customers and closing deals over the phone.

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