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What Are the Benefits of SIP Trunking for Hospitals?

Did you know that the worldwide growth forecast for SIP trunking is looking promising with a revenue of $9 billion and an expected 53 million trunks to be active in 2021?

SIP trunks can be beneficial for a range of professional industries, including medical practices and hospitals. 

Keep reading to find out more about SIP trunks and what the benefits of SIP trunking are for hospitals.

What Is SIP?

Session Initiations Protocol, or SIP, is a software that allows people to communicate through online telecommunication services.

What is SIP for? SIP is used for communication purposes. It’s similar to the traditional phone line, however, it doesn’t require the physical line. SIP only requires an internet connection. 

SIP trunking is an alternative to traditional and more costly wired phone lines. Connecting directly to the WiFi, SIP allows businesses to communicate. SIP trunks allow you to make calls, video calls, and send SMS or other media transfers over the network.

SIP trunks can hold an unlimited number of channels, each channel represents one incoming or outgoing call.

Most businesses already spend money on their WiFi provider. So, once SIP trunks are up and running, they can save a substantial amount of money on communication. Learn more about what SIP trunking is and how it works. 

What Are the Benefits of SIP Trunking for Hospitals?

There are many common SIP benefits that apply for businesses no matter what industry they are in. For example, businesses that use SIP trunks report on spending less money than when they used traditional phone lines. However, there are some hospital-specific SIP trunking benefits that might convince you to switch to SIP:

1. Reduce Costs and Save Money

It was recently found that hospitals in the United States waste about $12 billion a year due to poor communication. Poor communication can cost your hospital a lot of money, time, and can even cost you lives.

Pay for What You Need

You can expect to save money when you switch to SIP trunking because you only pay for what you need and use. SIP trunks are scalable, meaning you can order and pay for what you need and when you need it. 

When your hospital grows, you can add more channels if necessary. You can also reduce your channels if you no longer use them. Whereas, traditional phone lines often require you to purchase in bulk, which means you might have more than you need and be wasting money.

Expect More Predictable Costs With Flat Monthly Fees

Traditional phone line costs can vary from month to month, depending on how many calls were made and the distance of those calls. However, with SIP trunking distance and the number of calls doesn’t increase the monthly costs.

SIP trunking providers offer flat monthly fees. This means there’s no guesswork involved when calculating your hospital’s communication costs. Predicting your hospital’s monthly costs can help you save money and spend it in other areas.

Enjoy Minimum Initial Investment

Unlike traditional phone lines, SIP can be up and running in your hospital with minimum start-up costs and problems. Traditional phone lines require the purchase of additional hardware. They also involve a more complicated set-up process.

These three money-saving and cost-reducing benefits could help your hospital see savings of up to 50%.

2. Become More Flexible

The healthcare industry is forever changing and adapting. Traditional phone lines are restrictive when it comes to upscaling or downsizing your business. 

However, with SIP trunks you can enjoy more flexibility. As demand shifts in your area, or as your business grows, you can add or cancel channels when you need them. Not only does this save your hospital money, but it also means that you can adjust to situations hassle-free. 

3. Simplify Network Management

Hospitals who operate a phone system and have an internet provider need to manage two separate networks. These networks need to be maintained and managed at all times by IT professionals. Anyone who works in a hospital knows that these IT experts are often scarce and expensive in the healthcare industry. 

However, SIP trunks can eliminate the need to have both networks and thus can simplify your network management. This is because the hospital’s internet can handle all of your calls, data, and other unified communication needs. Simplifying your networks means you can free up your IT resources and assign them to other projects.

4. Improve Your Communications

SIP trunks can help your hospital improve your communications. If, for example, your practice is considering adding telemedicine then SIP trunking can help you set up a secure, reliable, and affordable way to connect with your patients.

Your patient satisfaction may also increase if you add telemedicine to your hospital. However, this will only if you’re providing high-quality communication.

SIP trunks will ensure that your telemedicine services offer a range of unified communication options. For example, instant messaging, calls, and video calls.

SIP trunks can also help you connect with various offices, clinics, or other hospitals in your business. Those who run multiple hospitals can really benefit from SIP trunks because you can easily connect with other trunks in that network.

Again this improved communication will help increase your patient’s satisfaction levels. This is because if they ring the wrong clinic or hospital, you can effortlessly put them through to the right one.

Improve Your Communication, Productivity, and Much More With SIP Trunking 

SIP can help reduce your costs, save your hospital money, improve your communications, and enable growth.

With countless benefits of SIP trunking for hospitals, there’s never been a better time to improve your communications and switch to SIP trunks!

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