What Is SIP?

Session Initiations Protocol (abbreviated to SIP) is the software that initiates online telecommunications services. Basically, it’s an alternative to wired phone lines that connects directly to the WiFi at your business and make it possible for you to place calls over the network.

SIP also supports non-voice communication such as video, SMS, desktop charing, and media transfer.

How Does SIP Interact With VoIP Software?

You can think of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software as a potential replacement for the PBX, and SIP trunks as a replacement for phone lines. Software like this allows you to hear (and sometimes see) the person with whom you’re communicating online. SIP is the catalyst that makes these calling systems work; VoIP is the system you actually use to make phone calls on the wireless network.

If you’re like most people, you’ve made a call over Skype or Facebook Messenger before. Those services are consumer VoIP. Business VoIP tends to be more reliable and offers many more features.  Whether you stick with a traditional PBX system or move to a cloud-based phone system, SIP trunks can provide the connectivity you need to connect your business with the outside world.

How Many SIP Channels Do I Need?

Each SIP channel can handle one incoming or outgoing call at a time. In order to make your SIP services run smoothly and efficiently, you’re going to need to get the right number of SIP trunks.

Most businesses can follow what’s called the 3:1 rule. That’s exactly what it sounds like- one SIP trunk for every three employees. 

However, you should pay attention to the calling patterns at your office. Professional services firms tend to be heavy phone users, so you may need more channels. It’s possible that you’ll want a channel for each employee. The good news is that SIP channels are inexpensive and you can add more or reduce the number of channels at any time.

How Can Professional Services Benefit?

For professional services such as law firms, hospitals, and architecture firms, SIP software can be a huge blessing in terms of communication. 

Productivity Increases

The first benefit to SIP is that it heightens productivity. Traditional landline phones are going out of style because the networks clog up a lot, leading to static, unintelligible voices over the phone lines, and dropped calls. When these issues run rampant, the calls are unproductive, frustrating professional workers and clients alike.

SIP stops this from being an issue because, as long as you have enough SIP trunks, you won’t need to deal with too many people on one network at once. Your employees can then communicate with others more effectively and increase daily productivity.

Saves Money

SIP also saves your business money. All you’ll need to do is pay a small monthly fee to keep up with SIP. These bills are much lower than landline bills. You won’t need to pay for maintenance nearly as often as you do with traditional landlines, either.


Most professional services firms don’t have extra IT resources looking for something to do, so it doesn’t make sense to complicate matters by having two networks to manage, which is the case when telephone and internet networks are entirely separate. With SIP, you have just one network for both, and your IT resources can focus on other priorities.


SIP is also great because there are a wide variety of add-ons that you can purchase at an affordable rate. Caller ID and location-based identification make it easier to know who’s calling you and when. Voice-to-email software allows you to have written documentation of phone calls as well as receive messages more easily from your computer screen.

There are functional add-ons, too, such as those that allow you to send and receive faxes right from your desk phone. If your professional service still regularly uses faxing- which is the case for many legal services- then this function will make your life infinitely more convenient.

Get Started With SIP Trunking

Now that you know what is SIP and how it can help with your professional services, it’s time to get started with a great SIP trunking package. Click here to fill out an online form and get your free account at SIP In less than a minute. Then, you’ll be able to start looking into the best SIP packages on the market!

Good luck!

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