What to Look for in Top SIP Trunking Providers

Top SIP trunking providers deliver enhanced business telecommunications services at affordable rates. But not everyone is aware of what SIP trunking is or even what SIP is.

SIP refers to the Session Initiation Protocol used for Internet-based audio, video, text, and multimedia communication. This information is broken down into data packets that travel through a SIP trunk which is essentially a digital phone line cluster.

A traditional business telecom system uses a Private Branch Exchange or PBX to send information through clusters of physical cables out to a Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN.

SIP trunks consist of several SIP lines that each exchange protocol information between two points. A SIP trunk can connect your PBX to an Internet-based VoIP system. SIP systems can also work with other cloud-based communications or collaboration tools.

SIP-telephony is affordable, reliable, scalable, and business optimized. This is why many companies are turning to telecom solutions from top SIP trunking providers.

Here’s the thing: Not all companies provide the same services, products, or level of expertise. You need to be discriminating when considering SIP solutions. Read on to learn what the best SIP partners have to offer.

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What Top SIP Trunking Providers Should Have

You need to choose the right service provider for your business’s SIP system. The right one will deliver reliable, feature-rich service at an affordable cost. In contrast, going with the wrong one can result in unexpected expenses, business interruption, and operational vulnerabilities.

Here are the key things to look for when evaluating top SIP trunking providers.


It isn’t acceptable for your business to lose telecom service. Finding a reliable provider is a must. Look for a SIP partner with an eye for business continuity, and with a  service that offers multiple redundancies and resiliency measures built right in.

Just in case your primary Internet connection goes out, your SIP provider should be able to redirect calls to your workforce’s mobile phones, for example. Other redundancies should include tech features such as a redundant network and service architecture, with possible several connection gateways spread across a broad region, and backups for critical server equipment.

Your business deserves excellent customer service. Part of ensuring SIP reliability is choosing a service provider who can immediately attend to any issues or inquiries.

Unlimited Service

With unlimited SIP trunking, your company can make all the calls it needs within one set price. This should at least mean you get unlimited calls within your local geographic or national region but may include long-distance calling as well. Review the terms and conditions to make sure they include both unlimited outbound and inbound calling. Also, find out which areas are included.

Some SIP services will try to sneak underhanded costs in by promising “unlimited service” with hidden restrictions and terms. Top SIP trunking providers don’t do this. Some of them might even extend unlimited service to features like voice-to-email, caller ID, and unified communications.

Also, ensure the unlimited SIP service runs on high-quality, Tier-1 networks, as this will give you the best channel performance.

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Uptime depends on the quality your SIP provider offers and how dedicated they are to supplying you with the best service. Ensuring uptime includes measures like running the service on Tier-1 networks, as mentioned above. Tier-1 networks are the highest levels of Internet Service Providers. This means your traffic won’t be sidelined or delayed.

It can also include fault-tolerant DID routing. This is where you have a primary IP-PBX system, along with a secondary one as a backup. You should also have the option of using your own broadband Internet service. This way, you can be certain you have the kind of Internet connection that works for you.


SIP is popular partly because it provides affordable telecom services. Therefore, you want to make sure your service provider is giving you the best price possible. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice audio or video quality or good customer service. The best SIP service company will offer superior technology at a reasonable cost.

One way to keep costs low is to make sure you only purchase the SIP service plan that you need. Consider working with a provider with monthly pricing plans without a contractual lock-in. You should be aware of any extra fees as well as the monthly plan. 

For example, different service providers may charge separately for long-distance, international, or purchasing a certain local number. It can be more straightforward to go with a SIP service that offers only prepaid monthly plans.


The Internet contains its share of bad actors with malicious intent. Your SIP provider needs to keep you safe from fraud and other security risks. One SIP security area to pay close attention to is international toll fraud. 

This is where unauthorized calls can take place through a telephone system. Toll fraud has been around for years and doesn’t only apply to SIP systems. But if a shoddy service provider leaves you vulnerable, this form of theft can rack up your service usage. 

Top SIP trunking providers should protect you against this issue with measures like system monitoring, ending unauthorized calls, and the ability to block international calling.

Also, you should be able to manage your own service, at least by defining your international calling regions and determining the maximum international calling usage you’re allowed.

Who’s the Right SIP Service Provider for You?

Not all top SIP trunking providers can deliver a high level of service. It takes a blend of deep technical expertise, extensive industry experience and a passion for business telecommunications.

If you’re looking for a reliable SIP trunking provider, SIP.US is the way to go. We’ve been in the business since 2007 as a vanguard service provider. We deliver immediate SIP trunk provisioning with premium technical standards and world-class support. The best part is you can use one of our free trial SIP accounts to get started today.

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