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5 Reasons Why An SIP Phone System Could Benefit Your Business

Tired of watching your small business operate inefficiently with your current traditional phone system? It’s time to get your head into the cloud — and it’s possible with a SIP phone system.

Research shows that a growing number of businesses are reaching out to VOIP solutions to decrease their telephone bills. One of these solutions is SIP trunking.

SIP trunking works by extending your current phone system into the cloud, and it is praised for contributing to the success of companies of all sizes. Here are five reasons why your company should invest in a SIP phone system today.

Let’s get started!

1. SIP Phone System Eradicates Monthly Charges

A SIP trunk line is like a virtual T1 line — the phone line that your “old-school” telephone company would give you. One of the biggest benefits of deploying these types of lines alongside an IP PBX phone system is that it benefits your bottom line.

The financial savings come in a few main forms. For instance, you get rid of the monthly charges that come with using a service provider.

Second, each call made becomes a local one, so you can wave goodbye to expenses related to long-distance calls.

Another plus of using SIP phone systems? You can pay for only a single communications service instead of separate data and voice plans.

That’s more money back into your coffers each month. And that’s a good thing in an economy where every cent matters.

2. Scalability Becomes Possible

Another major benefit of using SIP trunking rather than legacy telephony is that a SIP system makes scalability possible.

For instance, perhaps you have a company of five employees right now. Your company may grow to three times its current size three years from now.

Or, maybe you’ll need 10 extra people just for a particularly busy season of the year (think the holiday season in the winter, or tax season in the spring).

Growth is good for business. But it comes at a cost if you have legacy telephony, as increasing capacity will require you to buy extra physical lines from your phone company.

This is usually time consuming and expensive.

To avoid this scaling-up issue, companies usually buy enough phone lines for handling their peak capacities. But this means they are wasting their resources when their traffic is slow.

With a SIP phone system, you’re working with virtual lines, so the infrastructure you need if you were to grow is already available.

Put another way, you’re only paying for what you’re using. And isn’t that the way it should be?

3. You Can Rely on SIP Phones

If paying too much for a phone system is the worst thing about not using SIP trunking, then paying for an unreliable system is the next-worst thing.

When you’re operating a business, your mind is consumed with customer service, marketing, sales, human resources, and accounting. You wear a lot of hats.

You can’t afford to have to deal with a fickle phone system, too.

That’s the great thing about the virtual SIP trunks: They are highly stable because they are not affected by your local power outage resulting from equipment failure or poor weather conditions.

This virtual technology also enables calls to go to a pre-determined location if the primary location ends up going offline for some reason.

A downtime episode lasting several minutes can cost your company several thousands of dollars, so it makes sense to choose phone lines that will keep you up and running.

4. No Maintenance Headaches

In our technology-driven world, it’s becoming harder to keep up with all of the complicated equipment you need to do tasks that used to be done more simply with a manual approach.

Fortunately, with SIP trunks, you don’t need costly on-site equipment since this VOIP technology is cloud based. This, in turn, means you don’t have to worry about the annoying costs associated with maintaining this equipment, either.

Your provider will manage the technology for you, which will save you both money and time. It also gives you more confidence that your phone system will continue to operate at its optimal level.

On top of that, your service provider will be responsible for handling system upgrades. Translation: You can always enjoy the latest technology available.

5. SIP Phone Systems are Cutting Edge

These phone systems have all of the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect in the most up-to-date phone system available.

For instance, VOIP systems have features such as time-of-day routing, which allows you to block or direct calls at certain times. Then, there’s also live call monitoring and call recording.

These features make it easier for you to manage both customers and employees.

And there are other perks, too…

Easy Access

You’ll love that SIP systems allow you to work flexibly, as you can access your system everywhere you have internet access. So, you can keep watch over even your remote workers no matter their or your location.


As technology continues to develop, having a phone system that can more easily keep up with the times is paramount for any modern small business. Choosing a VOIP system is a wise choice because it can keep growing and changing with emerging technology.

This translates to potentially greater business success at a lower cost, happier employees, and happier customers. It’s a triple-win situation.


As a business professional, the security of your business data is front and center of your mind. Having a phone system that is internet based may seem to be counterintuitive, but SIP trunking is proven to keep a company’s information safe.

Features such as firewalls are put in place to keep your data secure with SIP trunking. And that should make you feel secure, too.

How We Can Help

We are a leading provider of SIP trunking service, offering easy setup and a simple-to-use yet powerful control panel.

With this panel, you’re in the driver’s seat, so you can export call records or change your service on demand.

Contact us to find out more about how our services will help you to continue to thrive efficiently in today’s fast-paced business world.

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