Fax SIP Provider

This is why we are the most recommended fax SIP provider on the market today.

We offer the most choices and options of fax SIP services on the net right now.

Sign up is fast, easy, and most importantly free.

We offer both a SimplaFAX service and a Fax to Email service.

We will have your fax requirements covered right here at sip.us.

Fax SIP Provider

Today I am going to run through both fax options that we have available to you.

This post will help you decide which fax service is the right one for you.

SimpleFAX Service

First of all let’s go through the details about what is a SimpleFax service?

In simple terms, you can send a fax over the internet.

Using SIP services eliminates the need to have a regular phone line.

This in turn reduces communication costs considerably.

I must say that it is also easier to use, secure and reliable.

With SimpleFAX you can turn your laptop, phone, tablet or any other device into a fax machine.

Let’s take a look at what we offer with our SimpleFAX service.

  • View all faxes send and received in online dashboard
  • Ready to use right away
  • Very cheap monthly rates

Now before you sign up I know you are wanting to know the cost of this service.

The cost of this service is very low indeed.

To send or receive 1000 pages per month it is just $24.95.

If you happen to go over your limit then you will be charged an extra $0.10 for any extra page.

It really is that simple, if you think that this is exactly what you are looking for then hit the button at the bottom of this page to sign up for your free starter account.

Next up we have the Fax-to-Email service.

Fax-to-Email Service

This service is cheaper than the SimpleFax service.

It offers a simple Fax to email or even email to fax solution.

This covers everything that we offer:

  • A fax is sent to registered emails as a PDF document
  • You can send a fax document from your registered email address
  • See all faxes sent and received in your online account
  • Change caller Fax ID in your online account

So how much is this going to cost you to use per month.

Our service allows you to send and receive 500 pages per month for just $14.95.

There is a $0.10 additional charge for any extra pages sent.

If this sounds like the solution to your fax related problems click the button below to sign up today.

It’s also worth mentioning that we have an SMS service too.

You can send up to 10,000 SMS messages online per month for a very low fee.

Everything is covered over on our pricing page.

Hit the button below and let us be your fax SIP provider.

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