SIP for Cisco CallManager and IOS Devices

Seamless Integration with SIP for Cisco CallManager

SIP.US is compatible with many of the networking devices that deliver unified communications and call control, including devices using Cisco IOS. Implementing SIP for Cisco IOS devices helps drive business communications costs down, while leveraging a reliable, secure infrastructure.


About Cisco IOS

Cisco IOS® software is the leading network infrastructure software, that delivers a seamless integration of technology, business services, and hardware platform support. The solution is currently in use on millions of active systems, ranging from at-home routers to the core infrastructure of large service provider networks. Cisco IOS Software is the most widely leveraged network infrastructure software in the world.  Speaking technically, Cisco IOS is a package of routing, switching, internetworking and telecommunications functions integrated into a multitasking operating system.

Why Choose SIP.US for Cisco IOS Devices?

Cisco routers and switches are, perhaps, the most popular devices in networking today. Customers choose Cisco for it’s reliability, proven track record and dedication to innovation. Cisco IOS devices are an excellent backbone for your SIP enabled IP voice network. Companies that deploy SIP for Cisco IOS devices are able to significantly reduce monthly telco costs, and gain piece of mind, knowing that one of the world’s biggest brands stands behind the infrastructure hardware.

  • 40 – 60% SavingsSIP.US eliminates the need for PRI lines from traditional telephone carriers. Because our unlimited trunks include local and long distance calling to most of the United States and Canada, long distance costs are also slashed or eliminated. As an added bonus, the monthly phone bill becomes predictable.
  • Easy to Grow – Additional SIP channels from SIP.US can be added whenever you need them. You can even do it yourself in our web-based control panel.
  • Simple Administration – SIP.US provides an easy user interface for our control panel. It’s a piece of cake to add, move and even cancel service.
  • Pay for Only What You Need – SIP.US offers our unlimited channels in increments as low as one, so you pay for only exactly the number of channels you need today and add more when necessary.

How To Configure SIP for Cisco IOS Devices

SIP.US provides detailed instructions for configuring SIP for Cisco IOS Devices.  We also love working with clients or their IT partners during configuration.  If you’d like us to help, simply visit our support site and open a new ticket.

SIP.US for Cisco IOS devices helps companies immediately and easily lower monthly communications costs. We offer a risk-free trial so you can confidently start saving today.

SIP for Cisco IOS Frequently Asked Questions

It’s really up to you.  SIP.US is compatible with cable, T1, Metro Ethernet and DSL.  What’s even better is that we don’t require you to get internet access from us.  You are free to select the high speed service that works best for your area and budget.

Customer Feedback

Here is what our customers have to say about working with SIP.US:

“The SIP.US Control Panel gives me all the tools I need to add, change and delete phone numbers.  I can even order all the DIDs I need and set them up instantly.  I love having access to these self-service tools, but I know the support team is also there if I need additional help.”

– Colin Cook, Thimble River

“I was having a lot of problems getting numbers ported with another VoIP provider, so I had SIP.US take over. What a difference!.”

–  Michael Dodds, Doddstech

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