SIP for Linksys PAP2T
Analog Telephony Adapter

Enable Analog Phones With SIP for Linksys PAP2T®

Analog telephony adapters (commonly called ATAs) enable the use of analog telephones and other equipment with digital hardware and software.  SIP.US is compatible with a variety of ATA devices including the Linksys PAP2T.  SIP for Linksys PAP2T helps clients reduce both hardware investment and ongoing monthly communications costs.


About Linksys PAP2T ATA

Linksys sells data networking hardware products mainly to small businesses. Its products include wired and wireless routers, Ethernet switches, wireless internet video cameras, audio visual products and network storage systems. The company is owned by Belkin.

The Linksys PAP2T is an ATA device, that enables the connection of one or two “normal” telephones to a SIP provider like SIP.US.  It is a dependable and inexpensive telephone adapter that works with the SIP.US service when placed behind your broadband internet router.

Why Choose SIP.US for Switchvox?

SIP for the Lynksys PAP2T is used by clients to avoid a large up front investment in new IP enabled phones, while still getting the benefits of internet based calling with SIP trunking from SIP.US. Customers have reported savings of up to 60% off their monthly telecommunications expenses and enjoy the added features that come from using a data network, rather than traditional telephone lines to route calls.

  • Cost Reduction – SIP calling reduces costs in two ways. First, pricey telephone lines and the contracts that go with them can be eliminated. Second, because unlimited SIP trunks from SIP.US include local calls and long-distance to most of the US and Canada, long distance charges are very often also eliminated. Because users of the Linksys PAP2T are able to use their existing telephones, the initial expense is minimal.
  • Real-time Call Data Records – Call Data Records (CDRs) help business owners and mangers understand their communications needs and business activities. With SIP.US all of your CDRs are available in the Control Panel and are shown in near real-time. You can have a look at today’s calls or search for the past year. CDRs can also be downloaded as a .CSV file for more analysis.
  • Toll Fraud Protection– Our digital systems watch for International call fraud and take immediate action to kill unauthorized calls in progress, shut off International calling on your trunk and alert both our customer and our Network Operations Center of suspicious activity. These automated systems protect you even when your premise equipment is compromised. Of course, no one can stop 100% of fraud, but our client’s have the best protection in the industry.

How To Configure SIP for Linksys PAP2T

Configuring your Linksys PAP2T device for SIP is easy.  Step-by-step instructions are detailed in our configuration guide.  If you get stuck or just want someone to walk you through it, enter a ticket on our support site.  We’re happy to help.

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SIP for Linksys PAP2T Frequently Asked Questions

SIP.US wants you to choose the connectivity that is right for your business, that’s why, unlike some other providers, we do not require you to purchase broad band access from us.  Choose from T1, Metro Ethernet, DSL or cable.

Customer Feedback

Here is what our customers have to say about working with SIP.US:

“We were able to get our systems up and running with SIP.US in a matter of minutes using the simple online interface.”

– Matt Harrison, Elevate Audio Visual

“It’s easy to be low cost, but it’s a lot harder to be low cost AND good! In my opinion, SIP.US should be on anyone’s short list of primary providers.”

–  Michael Dodds, Doddstech

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