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Simplify Your Communications Infrastructure with SIP for PBX in a Flash™

The SIP.US trunking service is compatible with the Astrisk open source PBX and a variety of Astrisk distributions, including PBX in a Flash.  The combination of SIP and PBX in a Flash gives companies a flexible, powerful and easy to deploy communications solution.


About PBX in a Flash

Asterisk PBX is a free, open source private branch exchange (PBX) application. It runs on Linux platforms and comes in many different distributions.  Distributions are a complete software package that includes everything required to install and deploy the Asterisk PBX.  PBX in a Flash is a free distribution containing a pre-built Asterisk server. It has been developed to run on a PC.  PBX in a Flash is popular because it is a complete distribution that contains everything that is needed to install and configure an Asterisk PBX quickly. The “flash” is about the seed with which the solution can be deployed.

Implementing PBX in a Flash

Although installing PBX in a Flash may seem technically challenging, the website contains excellent documentation that will help walk you through it in a step-by-step manner.  The PBX in a Flash development team has eliminated telco jargon and uses simple instructions to ensure that anyone with a working knowledge of the basics of computer operation can successful set-up and maintain the solution.  Support services and an active user forum are available to assist.

Why Choose SIP.US for PBX in a Flash?

The Astrisk PBX software at the core of PBX in a Flash provides the functionality required for call control and unified communications features like automated attendants, voicemail and customized call routing. PBX in a Flash contains the other software components necessary to make an Asterisk installation quick and painless. All that remains is the selection of a method to deliver calls from the PBX to the PSTN (public switched telephone network), the network that routes calls to their intended destination. Customers who choose to deploy SIP for PBX in a Flash using SIP.US gain a number of advantages:

  • Deploying SIP for PBX in a Flash represents a significant cost savings vs. more traditional carrier provided toll lines
  • By utilizing a data network, rather than carrier lines, SIP.US gives clients the flexibility to subscribe to only the number of channels (or active calls) that they require. Carriers require customers to buy groups of 23 channels, meaning that customers are often paying for more than they need.
  • Although some providers of SIP services require that clients purchase Internet bandwidth from them, SIP.US does not. Our customers choose the high-speed Internet connection that they prefer.
  • SIP.US has made it easy to administer your trunking solution with online tools. Clients can easily add or remove channels on-the-fly.
  • In order to ensure the voice quality and reliability that our clients expect, we use only Tier-1 upstream providers.
  • SIP.US has been tested and deployed with a number of open-source PBX solutions and distributions, including PBX in a Flash.

How To Configuring SIP for PBX in a Flash

Instructions for setting up PBX in a Flash for use with SIP.US are available at  We are also available to help clients with system configuration.  If you’d like this assistance, just visit our support site and open a new ticket.

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SIP for PBX in a Flash Frequently Asked Questions

SIP.US supports most broadband Internet options including; Metro Ethernet, cable, T1-data and DSL.  Many SIP trunking providers insist that clients purchase connectivity from them.  We prefer to let our clients select the most cost effective, reliable option of their choice.

Customer Feedback

Here is what our customers have to say about working with SIP.US:

“Switching to SIP.US was simple.  Our service is smoother and more reliable — and our costs have gone down.”

Miles Fawcett, Urban Alarm

“I don’t have any experience with SIP trunking, but connecting my Asterisk PBX to SIP.US was fast and easy.”

Eddy Pareja, Sangfroid Web Design

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