11 Benefits of Using a SIP Trunk

benefits of using a sip trunkDecisions about business technology are almost always made to accomplish one or more of three things; increase revenue (directly or indirectly), lower costs, or improve customer satisfaction. IT closets are full of shelfware that wasn’t able to impact one of these areas. (Note to self, figure out the SaaS equivalent of “shelfware.”) Fortunately, there’s no risk of that with SIP trunking because the benefits of using a SIP trunk cover all three bases. Here they are:

Reduce Costs

  • All calls are local calls – SIP trucking eliminates the need for expensive PRI lines and most long distance costs. SIP.US, for example includes calls to the lower 48 states and most of Canada in our low monthly fee.
  • Communications costs are predictable – By eliminating most per-call expenses, you will know exactly what you are going to pay for SIP trunking every month in advance. This eliminates the cost of reconciling carrier invoices.
  • ROI is fast – One of the benefits of using a SIP trunk is that there is very little capital expense required, but your cost reduction starts almost immediately, shrinking the time to ROI.
  • You pay for only what you need – Because SIP is scalable on-demand, you can license, and pay for, only the number of channels  you need right now and add more as you grow.
  • It’s easy to use – SIP trunking provides a simple administrative interface for your team so that IT resources can be devoted to more strategic initiatives.
  • You can eliminate 800 number use – Local numbers can be provided in each city, which are terminated locally when delivered over the internet.

Increase Revenue

  • Geographic expansion is easy – SIP trunking allows businesses to connect far-flung locations to expand a company’s geographic footprint.
  • Mobile workers are supported – Bringing together mobile devices and remote workers can help improve the productivity of your feet on the street, particularly sales representatives.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Unified communications is enabled – SIP trunking is the path to enabling IP-based unified communications systems that integrate collaboration features such as instant messaging, presence, screen sharing and even video to ensure responsiveness to your clients. Some open source IP PBX technology is even available at no cost.
  • The caller’s experience is unified – Seamlessly connect every office so that your customer get the same great experience and less runaround.
  • SIP is reliable – The last thing your customer’s want to hear is a fast busy signal or an endlessly ringing phone. If something happens to prohibit connection at one office (say, a power outage) calls can automatically be routed to other locations, mobile devices or home landlines based on your recovery rules.

The benefits of using a SIP trunk are significant and far reaching.  Perhaps that’s because communication is one of the fundamental elements of business. Of course, SIP trunking isn’t right for every business, but for many it can play a role in growth and profitability and who doesn’t want more of both?

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