A Few Awesome SIP and Unified Communications Resources

sip trunking resources We’re delighted that you’re reading the SIP.US blog and hope you check back frequently for more news, tips, tricks, and FAQ’s, but we know we’re not the only good resource for people who have deployed or are considering SIP trunking. Here are a few other fabulous resources you can bookmark for even more information about how SIP trunking, UC, and VoIP are transforming the way businesses communicate.

IT World Unified Communications Blog

This unified communications resource contains news, solution reviews, and analysis, covering VoIP, videoconferencing, messaging, and collaboration. We found a recent post on the future of voicemail (hint, they think it’s short) very interesting.


NoJitter provides daily commentary and analysis of the enterprise IP-telephony, unified communications and converged networking world. This online community creates a space where people can exchange ideas, debate concepts and share best practices on a daily basis.


UCStrategies is an industry resource for businesses, vendors, system integrators, and anyone interested in the growing unified communications arena. UCStrategies is supported by an alliance of leading communication industry advisors, analysts, and consultants who have worked in the various segments of unified communications.


This great resource from TechTarget contains news, trending topics, solution analysis and unified communications basics.

The SIP School

TMC Net presents the SIP School, a collection of opinions and analysis related to all things SIP. This recent post contains an analysis of the mobile devices connected to today’s network.

We hope you enjoy these excellent resources for all things related to unified communications and SIP. Of course, if you don’t find the information or answers you are looking for, we’re happy to help.


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