Be Like the NSA – Mine the Metadata

AnalyticsMetadata is a term that means “data about data.”  I’m writing this blog post in a Microsoft Word document. This document’s metadata includes the size of the file, when it was created, when it was last updated, which user made it, it’s filename and so forth. The metadata won’t tell you what this blog post says, but it will tell you a lot about its provenance. If you looked at all of the metadata, of all of the Word documents on my computer, you’d learn a lot about me.

When it comes to business communications, metadata is information about phone calls and other unified communications interactions. It includes the details of which number was dialed, how long the call lasted, who placed the call, and so forth. The vital information about a call is called a call data record. You don’t have to actively create metadata, it just happens. However, you need an easy-to-use control panel like the one provided by SIP.US to really use this data to benefit your business.  Here’s how it can help.

Measure the success of your marketing campaigns

SIP trunking gives you the ability to use a unique phone number for every marketing campaign. Your call data records will give you insight into the effectiveness of each ad so that you can accurately calculate your marketing ROI and invest in the campaigns that are giving you the biggest bang for your buck.

Optimize your staff

Call data records allow you to track trends and understand call volume. Perhaps it is higher at a certain time of day, day of month, or season of the year. Once you can predict when your volume is high, you can make sure you are staffed properly at peak times and reduce overhead when it isn’t as busy.

Manage Your Sales and Support Teams

Call tracking is one way to measure the effectiveness of your sales and support teams. You can look at the calling habits of your best performers and train the rest of the team to replicate them. You can also identify employees who are less engaged and coach or replace them.

Identify problems

If normal call patterns are suddenly broken, you can react and respond right away. Is there a technical problem? A staffing one? An error in the number on your website or ad? Because you have real time visibility into the health of your business, you’ll be on top of the problem instantly.

The NSA’s practice of mining metadata to look for possible terrorist activity is extremely controversial. Using the metadata your business is already creating to improve operations is not. It is tough to get to it with traditional telephone lines. It’s a piece of cake with SIP.US. Don’t let all that valuable information go to waste.

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