Business Communications New Year’s Resolutions


new year's resolutionsIt’s that time again. We all resolve to lay off the French fries and spend more time in the gym. If that works for you about as well as it does for me, you may be looking for some different ideas. If you manage your organizations business communications, I have a few suggestions that are actually achievable and have the potential to save your business a lot of money and more than a few headaches.

Document Disaster Recovery Procedures

If you are like most of the people we talk to, you’ve put off developing and documenting your disaster recovery procedures for too long. It’s part of human nature, we guess, to avoid thinking about all of the things that might go wrong and negatively impact our business, but it is a mistake. Take the time first thing this year to decide how you will keep your business communications up and running in the event that a weather emergency, or some man made crisis keeps your employees from getting to the office. Can your calls be directed to another location or mobile devices? Do you have a way to reach employees to keep them updated about what is going on? Can you change your auto attendants or messages to provide relevant information to callers?

Review, Revamp and Update Auto Attendants and Voicemail Messages

Speaking of auto attendants, are yours all up to date and designed to give callers a great experience? The first of the year is a great opportunity to do a communications audit and make sure that each message is the right one. It is also a good time to make sure that you don’t have any unmonitored voicemail boxes and that those associated with employees who are no longer with the company have been reassigned or deleted.

Find Out if You Can Spend Less on Communications

There is no point in spending more on your communications infrastructure than necessary. If you are still using traditional telephone lines with PRI contracts, chances are that you could be spending as much as 60% more than if you selected a modern cloud-based alternative such as SIP trunking. Let 2016 be the year that you explore the possibilities and find a better way to invest in your business.


I think that “Simplify” will be my motto for 2016. Removing redundancy and reducing waste is an excellent goal in both life and business. For example, why have separate networks for data and voice communications when one would do? Not only does eliminating the second network keep costs down, it also makes administration and maintenance easier.

You’ve Got Phones – Use Them

Email, text, social media and the many other channels we use to connect have made life better to a certain degree, but in many cases nothing beats an old-fashioned conversation. If you find your self re-explaining something in an email for the 10th time, just pick up the phone. When you have bad or emotionally fraught news to convey, a phone call is best. Want to tell someone they’ve done great work? Let them hear you say it. We think using the phone more is an excellent, although come what counter-trend, resolution for 2016. (Especially if your SIP trunking plan includes unlimited calling.)

We are resolved to continue providing you with excellent service and support during 2016. We wish you all the best for a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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