How does a SIP trunk work?

With the current challenging global economy, businesses are continually exploring ways to reduce their expenses and reprioritize their spending. Due to all the services you’re responsible for, from the merchant to payroll and shipping services, it’s justifiable not to be equipped with information on every industry. You’ve possibly heard about SIP trunking or noticed a business adopt it as a cost-saving and security tool for their business. However, you may want to know more about SIP trunk and how it works before reaching out to your service provider, which is very understandable.

SIP trunking explained

A Mediation Server oversees indicating and voice access to an Enterprise Voice IP network or IP-PBX. Using this program serves as a central resource, meaning that SIP Trunk plays an intermediary role between your telephone frameworks to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). In the telecommunication language, “trunking” is when physical, electrical lines connect switching hardware to each other. This is precisely the function of a SIP trunk. It serves as a virtual association between an institution and an ITSP through lines connecting SIP trunks to other IP traffic or through the Internet using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Executing SIP trunking in your daily activities enhances communication flow between your business representatives and clients. Additionally, SIP trunks work along with other business operations to promote overall organizational growth. These VoIP functions assist in cutting down cost in communicating with your customers worldwide. In the United States, communication service providers charge USD 6¢/minute to $4/minute every month, yet these charges do not include taxes and surcharges. Meanwhile, with the SIP trunking, phone calls to the following countries may cost $1.9¢/minute with no extra charges:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Europe 

What’s more, it offers free features such as:

  • Call forwarding
  • Email voicemail
  • Caller ID

Additionally, SIP Trunks improve file recovery. With the likelihood of unpredictable events affecting daily processes, developers have stressed the need to strengthen phone frameworks’ disaster recovery plans. This implies that organizations wouldn’t need to worry about losing their data in the event of any disaster, whether natural or artificial. SIP trunks guarantee that organizations have a tremendously stable business strategy. It’s plug-and-play feature allows VoIP to maintain its communication function by linking endpoints to locations when the present areas deplete power. SIP trunk disaster recovery capacity helps in decreasing downtime and guarantees quality customer service delivery to clients.

SIP trunks, in contrast to other older phone systems, offer high-quality voice solutions as well. By moving to an advanced technique, organizational leaders are guaranteed efficient communication flow to effectively collaborate with several parties and prioritize voice services over data transferred via the Internet.

Benefits of SIP Trunking

If you’re still unconvinced about the immense benefits of this strategy to your organization, SIP links several devices to both local and international clients and organizations through video, voice, and text by ensuring:

  • Efficiency and cost management
  • Enhanced online presence
  • Provides room for organization growth and scalability
  • Reliable technology to survive bad weather, phone failures, and broken telephone poles

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