SIP Trunking is a Great Fit for Small Business

sip for small businessIt is very common for small businesses to lack sophisticated technical resources. For this reason many small business owners believe that they can’t take advantage of the cutting edge technologies available to larger corporations. Fortunately, in the case of SIP trunking, that isn’t true. In fact, SIP is an excellent alternative to traditional communications approaches for small businesses.  Here are a few reasons.

SIP Reduces Communications Costs

Small business owners must make good decisions about how to spend every dollar. SIP trunking keeps communication costs low by eliminating expensive carrier agreements and most long distance charges. Instead of paying for both the telephone lines and the usage, SIP users enjoy one predictable monthly payment based on the number of SIP channels they need. With unlimited SIP trunking from SIP.US, local calls and long distance to most of the US and Canada are included.

SIP Trunking Increases Flexibility

Being able to react to changing conditions is particularly important for small businesses. Traditional PRI lines are sold only in blocks of 23, meaning that many businesses are paying for way more capacity than they need. SIP channels are sold one at a time, giving you the flexibility to buy and pay for exactly what you need. With SIP.US, new channels can be added almost instantly if the need for more simultaneous calls arises. We also do not require contracts, so channels can be eliminated at any time.

There Are Many PBX Options

SIP trunking can be used with any SIP enabled PBX and even with legacy equipment through the use of an analog telephony adapter (ATA). This opens up the options to use any of the many free, open source PBX solutions available or to leverage equipment that is already in place.

Technical Expertise is Not Required

Businesses without telecommunications experts on staff can certainly install and deploy SIP trunking, but they must be careful to pick a vendor who will provide support for the initial setup and ongoing use of the solution. SIP.US offers an easy to use control panel for system administration and a team of experienced SIP experts who are ready to help.

There’s no reason for small business owners to be intimidated by SIP technology. It offers low up-front and ongoing costs, is easy to deploy and use and increases flexibility into the future. That’s a lot for a small business to love.

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