SIP Trunks: 9 Ways Providers Can Help Construction Businesses

Moving from traditional landlines to internet-based SIP trunks is a smart move for businesses in any industry. Everyone from a local mom-and-pop shop to multi-national enterprises can enjoy the benefits of SIP. There are a few reasons, however, that construction firms are uniquely positioned to get advantages from making the switch. Here’s what our customers have learned.

1. It Saves You Money

Every company wants to save money so they can reallocate it to where they’re going to make the most profit. For construction companies, this means having the cash to buy new and innovative construction tools as well as have the funds to take on new building jobs.

When you’re paying a fortune in phone bills on the administrative end, you aren’t putting your profits to their best use. SIP trunking is really inexpensive to install and will also save you a fortune in maintenance costs. You won’t be paying for your inefficient landline phones’ astronomical bills anymore- you’ll instead be paying a small monthly fee for SIP services.

2. There Are Add-Ons

One of the things that makes this low pricing so appealing is the number of add-ons and additional services offered by SIP. You won’t just be purchasing a new way to use phones, but a software that can share media like PDFs and GIFs. This makes conference calls and other communications much more efficient since you won’t need to use a ton of different technologies on the administrative end of your construction company.

3. It’s Easy to Use

While there are a lot of benefits to SIP, this doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to use. In fact, SIP services are incredibly easy to understand, discuss, and set up. Once you purchase your SIP trunk service, you can connect it to your existing PBX all by yourself, saving you money on installation costs. Not only that but learning the jargon is easier than ever when you access a clear guide to the terminology.

4. You Can Access Communications Anywhere

In a construction company, your employees will always be on the go. While you on the administrative end can access your phones from the office, those in the field will have a much easier time with work communications if they can access calling on their mobile phones. SIP allows this to take place because you can connect any device to the office’s SIP trunk.

5. It Helps Organize and Analyze Data

Going back to the administrative end of your construction company, you are going to want to analyze data as efficiently as possible. With SIP trunking, you can access reports that will allow you to do this incredibly easily. Because your SIP services hook up to your phones and VoIP software directly through the WiFi, you will be able to easily access data on your calls and workload. This is helpful for staffing and training purposes.

6. It Gives You More Time to Build

Because SIP is so efficient, you won’t be spending frustrating time on the phone system trying to get it to work. Instead, you’ll have more time to take on clients and discuss potential construction projects with them. In doing this, you’ll be getting more work for your employees out in the field and reeling in a lot more money for your company.

7. Maximizing Communication Maximizes Productivity

Speaking of employees, here’s a sad employee-related statistic for you: only seven percent of them feel as though they had a productive day after a long day’s work. Luckily, your employees don’t need to fall under this statistic! 

When you install SIP and come up with efficient ways to maximize productivity, your employees will be able to physically see the difference. This way, you’ll be making them feel more productive, bolstering both their mental health and their will to be more productive.

8. It Can Reinvent Construction

Many experts believe that the construction industry can be thoroughly reinvented by having a productivity revolution. Lagging construction productivity currently is costing the globe about $1.6 trillion a year, a staggering statistic. 

Installing SIP at your construction company would be doing your part in moving the industry forward. With these new technological communications, you would be able to take on clients and share media faster than ever. You would also give your employees a way to communicate while on the job, meaning that they wouldn’t have to stop working to talk.

9. It Sparks Innovation

The bottom line is that SIP trunking for construction companies sparks innovation. You’ll not only have the latest technology, but you’ll also have more time, money, and resources to think about the things that matter to both your administration and your construction workers.

Get SIP Trunking for Construction Companies

While running a construction company presents challenges that other industries don’t face, you can maximize your communications with SIP to create as easy a time as possible.

Now that you know all the benefits of SIP trunking for construction companies, it’s time to get started with installing these services. Check out this page to get your free SIP account within one minute. You’ll then be able to talk to our professionals, browse our packages, and purchase the best SIP services on the market.

Have fun building efficiency with SIP as you build!

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