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The Advantages of Using Networking Trunking for Your Law Office

In the United States, 67% of businesses are using SIP trunking for communication. Of those businesses with networking trunking, 90% are satisfied with the audio quality of the SIP system. Networking trunking replaces traditional phone lines with a system of telephone and other unified communication over the internet.

In a law office, communication is the key to survival. When a person is under arrest, going through a divorce, or injured in an accident, they want to reach an attorney as fast as they can. Frequently the first attorney they can reach by phone is the one they hire.

That is where SIP networking trunking will move your firm to the top in client communication. Let’s take a look at what SIP trunking is and what it can do for your law firm.

What is Networking Trunking

Sessions Initiations Protocol (SIP) trunking transmits voice and data over the internet at the same time. In addition to regular phone calls, SIP handles video, SMS, desktop sharing, and media transfer. 

The system is more professional and reliable than Facebook Messenger or Skype. Traditional phone lines are not keeping up with the pace of professional firms. Opening satellite offices, hiring a paralegal to work remotely with a dedicated internal phone number and their own five-digit extension are easy with SIP services.

Productivity is lost if you have to wait for an installer to put in new phone lines and install connections. With SIP you simply connect a handset to the existing data connection and use online management to make any needed change. Management controls let you make changes to call routing, assigning or changing extensions, or adding phone lines without a technician.

Professional Benefits of SIP Trunking

SIP trunking has an automatic call failover. This means you will not lose a call. The SIP trunk automatically finds an alternate route for a failed call.

The SIP trunk is able to load balance calls. This means the call you place or receive will be routed from a busy trunk to an alternate channel. The automatic re-routing prevents any trunk from reaching 100% of its full usage ability and guarantees consistent and constant voice services.

A feature that is beneficial to businesses in areas that experience bad weather, such as snowstorms, tornados, hurricanes, floods, or other natural disasters is the call re-routing. If employees are unable to come into the office calls can be re-routed to another location or cell phone. This keeps your business running when others are down.

SIP Cost Benefits

The cost to set up SIP trunking is minor. The service is prepaid with no contract commitments. With a rate of only $24.95 per month per unlimited SIP trunk channel, most businesses show cost savings beginning with the first monthly bill.

Networking trunking is normally lower than the cost of landline telephone services. Because one network handles both the internet and telephone needs of a business, there is a savings over the cost of two services.

There are also additional features you can add. You are able to add or delete these as needed using the online management tools.  Add-on services include caller ID, location-based identification, the ability to send faxes, and voicemail-to-email software.

You can easily upgrade as your law firm grows. There is no additional equipment cost. Each SIP channel handles one incoming or outgoing call at a time. Most companies use one SIP trunk for every three employees.

It is recommended you evaluate your firm’s calling patterns. You will then be able to determine the number of channels your company requires to meet your needs.

Benefits to Legal Communication

Good solid communication is the key to keeping clients happy. Networking trunking makes sure you never miss a call. SIP trunking allows calls to be transferred to your mobile phone.

If you are making a call from your cell phone trunking networks can mask your cell number. It will appear as if you are calling from the office, protecting your privacy.

Voicemail-to-email software creates written documentation of your phone calls. It also allows you to receive messages on your computer screen. You can send and receive faxes from your desk phone. This is extremely useful for billing and documentation purposes.

When speaking on the phone with a client, a call recording feature allows you to record the conversation. You can then play the conversation back later to make sure you have not missed any information in your notes. This is also a good feature to use during telephone negotiations with opposing counsel.

The reporting feature of SIP trunking allows you to type in a client’s name and phone number to view a log of how many times you talked with them in the past month. This speeds your firm’s billing process. 

Move Your Law Firm Forward

With SIP networking trunking services are on the rise and expected to hit $20.70 billion by 2024 so now is the time to jump on board. The average company that makes the change to SIP trunking saves 50% each month, making it an economical choice for your firm. Fill out an online form now to get a free SIP trunk account

Free SIP Trunk in 60 Seconds

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