SIP trunking for auto dealerships

Top 10 Reasons Car Dealers Choose SIP Trunking

Over the last few months, we’ve had an influx in the number of inquiries about our SIP trunking services from automobile dealers. During each chat, we ask why the dealership is considering moving from traditional telephone lines to the modern, digital approach. Every dealer is different, but there are ten remarkably consistent reasons that SIP is the perfect fit for what dealerships need. Here they are, top-10 list style.

10. Simplify Network Operations

Instead of operating and maintaining separate data and telephone voice networks; dealerships can reduce the complexity by moving to one, internet-based network that serves both needs. 

9. Unified Communications

SIP trunking allows dealers to add new communications capabilities that combine voice and data. Video, instant messaging, screen sharing, and other capabilities are supported over SIP.

8. On-Demand Growth

Making changes to a traditional, hard-wired telephone system is a pain. Dealers have to anticipate their long-term needs and plan for future capacity. Not with SIP trunking. New SIP channels can be added on-demand, so your phone system grows right along with your dealership.

7. Mobile Options

SIP trunking can connect mobile devices and workers who are off-site by enabling a blend of premise-based and cloud services. Calls can be forwarded to mobile devices so that representatives can conduct business using their work phone number from anywhere.

6. Disaster Recovery

When a weather event or some other emergency like a power outage prevents your team from reaching the dealership, SIP calls can automatically be sent to other locations or even mobile phones.

5. Minimal Capital Investment

Most of the car dealers we speak with don’t want to throw out the investment they’ve already made in their PBX, and they’d prefer not to write any big checks. The great news is that with SIP trunking, you can likely use the PBX you’ve already paid for and still get all of the benefits of a modern solution.

4. No Commitment 

Unlike traditional telephone carriers that usually require long term contracts to protect rates, the best SIP providers let customers scale up or down based on their needs each month. This is particularly useful for dealerships that experience seasonal spikes and dips. With SIP.US, our service is month to month.

3. High-Quality Audio 

With a good broadband provider and the right SIP trunk solution, you can have calls that are on par with those made over a landline. Be sure only to consider SIP providers that leverage Tier-1 carrier networks so you can avoid jitter and lag problems that are common with unmanaged internet VoIP solutions.

2. Self-Service Administration

Making moves, adds, and changes to hardware-based telephone systems is difficult and risky. That’s why so many dealers need to pay consultants every time a change to the phone system is needed. That’s not the case with SIP. A good SIP provider will give you a control panel so that you can easily make most changes yourself. An excellent one will provide outstanding customer service if you ever need help.

And the number one reason automobile dealers are flocking to SIP trunking is …..

1.    Dramatically lower costs

Dealers that turn to SIP can save as much as 60% of their telecommunications costs by eliminating expensive traditional lines and most long-distance charges. They get a predictable monthly bill and pay for only what they need right now.

We aren’t at all surprised that SIP is quickly becoming the default communications choice for car dealers. No matter how big or small your dealership is, there’s a good chance that you could enjoy all of these benefits. 

With SIP.US you can even try the system for free, right now. Just click Get Started, and you can spin up your free trial in minutes.

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