Vote Yes on Proposition SIP Trunks

SIP trunking servicesWith the 2016 election only hours away, it may seem like Americans are hopelessly divided. But there’s one thing on which they seem to agree. That’s cloud based business communications. According to pollster, Information Week, 70% of companies have already deployed cloud communications or are planning to do so. I think I know a couple of candidates that would be over the moon with those numbers.

SIP trunking is an important element of cloud-communications that offers a bunch of strong benefits for customers. Give us just a minute to layout the case.

Significantly cut costs – By simply making the move to SIP, customers can cut their monthly communications costs by as much as 60%. It’s really the gift that keeps on giving. You get a predictable monthly expense and no billing surprises.

SIP trunking eliminates overlapping networks and their costs – Many businesses are still operating what amounts to two networks, one for data and one for voice. When SIP is implemented, all traffic transverses the same network, eliminating redundancy and unifying communications.

Get unlimited flexibility – Adding or reducing the number of lines is a pain in a traditional telephone system. It requires capacity planning and sometimes even paying for lines you don’t need. With SIP, you can forget about all that. Easily add lines on-demand whenever you like, or subscribe to fewer if your business needs change.

Unify remote workers – SIP trunks can be used to integrate mobile devices and people who work remotely because it allows for a blend of premise and internet-based services.

Protect business continuity – When a local whether event or power outage prevents workers from getting into the office or premise-based equipment from working properly, companies using SIP trunking can simply and automatically route calls to other locations, home, or mobile phones.

Leverage the investments you’ve already made – SIP trunking can usually be accomplished with the PBX system you already have. Most modern PBX systems are SIP-enabled, but even those that aren’t can be used with the help of an inexpensive device called an analog telephony adaptor (ATA).

Avoid long term commitments – When America votes we commit to the next president for 4 years, but that doesn’t need to be the case with your business communications solution. The most reputable SIP trunking service providers let you decide whether to continue the service from month-to-month with no long term obligation.

Enjoy great sounding calls – If you pick a SIP services provider that uses only Tier-1 networks, you will get excellent voice quality and reliability. If you want to experience this for yourself, choose a vendor that offers a free trial.

It isn’t a big surprise that SIP trunking’s favorability rating is through the roof. When you consider all of the advantages of SIP over traditional PRI lines, the decision is easy.

We’re SIP.US and we approve this message.

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